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Flat bread and flax seed rolls

Good Day, we are enjoying your recipes but are having problems with the flat bread and flax rolls, in that the mixture does not get thick. We have baked it even though the mixture stays runny and it comes out nice and tasty, but we would like to know what we could be doing wrong.

Re: Flat bread and flax seed rolls

Hi Sybil

There are two possibilities here. One is that the flax is not milled finely enough. If you are using ready-milled flax then it should be fine but if you are grinding your own seeds, your particular machine may not grind them finely enough. If your mixture is not thickening up AT ALL even if you leave it for 10 minutes, then this is a good sign that your flaxmeal is not fine enough.

The second possibility is that you are not using the right kind of protein powder. In my recipes, where I specify 'protein powder (unflavoured)' this is the calcium caseinate type of protein powder. If you are in the UK you can get calcium caseinate at some Boots and other chemists - it comes in a yellow and blue box and is called Sanatogen brand protein powder but it's terribly expensive there. I find the best quality and price is at - the Calcium Caseinate one is the one to get (don't confuse it with whey protein concentrate or a similar looking product called whey protein isolate, as these all behave totally differently in baking).

If as soon as you add the protein powder to the mixture it makes a noticeable difference to the thickness of the mixture this is a good sign it's the right type. I explain which type of protein powder I use in which recipes in the 'Setting up a low carb/low GI kitchen' section of the Cookbook.

On the other hand, if your mixture comes out nice and tasty, hey, you've invented a variation of my recipe, and you may like it better! If you have the 'wrong' protein powder you can still use it, you'll just need to add less liquid to the recipe to compensate for using a type of protein powder that doesn't give 'bulk' or soak up liquid. Start by leaving out half of the liquid, give the mixture a few minutes to thicken up as much as it is going to and if it seems very dry quickly add back some of the liquid.

Hope this helps, let me know if not.


Re: Flat bread and flax seed rolls

Hi Jackie,

Thanks for the quick response. I will try it with less liquid and keep you posted. I am in South Africa and a lot of the products you use we dont get here and have to substitute.

Kind regards