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Hemp flour carb content


I have just downloaded the cookbook and am very excited to try some of the recipes. I'm not new to low carb dieting, but i do miss my cakes! I'm trying to stock up on necessary ingredients for the recipes and I've found most things, but the hemp flour I bought says 50g carb per 100g! I've checked some others and the lowest I've found says 35g, although I've found some seeds saying 10g. How can this be?! Aren't they all made from the same substance? (I'm in the UK if that makes any difference.)

Also, I'm inconveniently allergic to nuts. Is there anything in particular you can recommend as an alternative to ground almonds?

I would welcome some advice.

Many thanks.

Re: Hemp flour carb content and almond flour substitute


I'm in the UK too - what brand of hemp flour is it/where did you get it? 50g carbs sounds as though it might have something else in it (or has been labelled by people who haven't had an accurate nutritional analysis done on their finished product!) Also, there may be an element of the 'net carbs on nutrition labels' issue confusing things. (UK nutrition labelling doesn't show fibre as a subset of carbs as US-style nutrition labelling does, so the issue of net carbs doesn't generally arise for UK low carbers unless using a US-style labelled product. For more information on this see the 'low carb tips' section of my website at .) Additionally, different crop varieties and growing conditions mean that there may be small variations in carbs and other nutritional content from pack to pack of any natural product.

Just looking at the various types of hemp I've got in my cupboard at the moment, I've got hemp SEEDS which say 5g carb per 100g and 30g of fibRE so that accords with American-style packs that say 35g TOTAL CARBS (with the TOTAL CARBS being further split into 30g fibER and 5g of NET carbs). However, my pack of hemp FLOUR (from Infinity Foods) says carbs 11.2g and fibre 9.3g (presumably labelled the UK way). Then I have GOOD brand hemp PROTEIN POWDER from H&B which says 15.4g carbs and 21g fibre. None of which are anything like 50g carbs! So I wouldn't use a hemp flour product saying it contained 50g carbs unless I could see it was wrong, eg if it is simply ground up raw hemp seeds with nothing added, it can't have 50g carbs in it!

By all means scan/list or provide a weblink to the nutrition label info and also the ingredients list for what you have bought, and I'll see whether I can come to a definite conclusion on what you've got.

Being allergic to nuts is a shame, as ground almonds are probably the best substitute in cakes etc, but you could try coconut flour. This is a bit higher in carbs and definitely more tricky to use. Whereas with a bit of experience you can generally vary your bakemix/make substitutions in my baking recipes by swapping in and out the same volume of ground almonds, soya flour, flaxmeal and hemp flour, and also for the various protein powders, you can't do that with coconut flour. (If you want to try, start with substituting the ground almonds with one quarter to one third of coconut flour by volume and be aware that it thickens up your bakemix massively over a minute or so. You'll also need to watch the baking times and adjust as necessary.)

Hope this helps - feel free to ask more questions any time.


Re: Hemp flour carb content and almond flour substitute

Hi Jackie,

Thanks for your response. Below is the link to the product I bought. It does list fibre separately, but also says 100% hemp flour under ingredients, so I guess something must be amiss in their calculations?!


Re: Hemp flour carb content and almond flour substitute

Hi Jo

This is the same brand of hemp flour that I have used in the past! I think someone somewhere along the line must have made a mistake with the labelling - perhaps getting confused with the differences between US and UK-style carbohydrate/fibre labelling. Go ahead and use it, it's low carb!

Good luck with the recipes and feel free to ask more questions.


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