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Low Carb is discussion forum
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All of a sudden it's not working!

I've been successfully low carbing for 5 months, staying within a 2 lb. range. All of a sudden scale is not responding. No chg in schedule or exercise. Only chg I've made is returning to Atkins Induction phase. Body holding onto lbs. @ high end of range. Even gained a lb on 3rd day. What's happening? Why is body not using fat stores?

Re: All of a sudden it's not working!

It might possibly be the amount of protein you're eating. Protein intake in excess of what you need gets converted to glucose ('gluconeogenesis') and in this way acts just like carbs. My suggestion would be to check your daily protein intake.


Re: All of a sudden it's not working!

Dear Jackie,
Thank you, as always, for responding to my post so quickly. I thought about your possible explanation of my situation and, although it didn't exactly "fit", it directed my focus on my protein consumption. Perhaps the "glitch" was not enough protein, rather than too much. Anyway, the scale (and my recalcitrant body) has begun to respond, as I knew it must. Thank you again for being out there when I need you.
Tiny Dancer