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Low Carb is discussion forum
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I've been low carbing for 12weeks now and am recently (past 4days) been so tired. Ive been increasing my exercise for the past week and still not losing. My weight loss for 12weeks is 14lbs and I'm at a stand still. Its very frustrating. What can I do to jumpstart my energy AND lose weight?

Re: tired...achey...dizzy


Are you near your target weight? It's much harder to lose those last few pounds.

Exercising more can cause you to retain water which could be hiding fat loss.

You might also want to check out your nutritional state. Could you be low in iron, B vitamins, magnesium etc after the last twelve weeks of dieting? This could be making it difficult to lose weight and could also be making you feel tired etc.

Dieting and/or exercising harder when you've already been trying very hard for a long time often fails to have the effect we think it should have, as our bodies go into 'starvation mode'. It may be better to let your body have a rest from dieting for a few weeks and then try again. You could either increase your calories across the board including carbs or if you prefer, simply increase your daily calories from protein and good fats.

I hope this helps.