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sugar sensitivity

I dont understand this !!!
I am sugar sensitive.
And have been advised to follow this diet, to eliminate the horrid feelings associated with SS which are faintness, dizziness, wooziness, forgetfulness, angst, panic attacks, flashing lights, upset, over reations, muscle aches , feeling run down, over tiredness, etc...
but FRUIT is what does it to me the worst of all...within a few minutes of eating melon, or a peach, or pineapple, i am ill, almost unable to function, this is especially when i am on a diet...
can anyone help me out here. I have had tests for diabetes and they are neg. i am overweight too.I am really in need cos i am feeling desperate. Cos fruit is down here as low GI !!!
It dont make sense guys!!!
Love Annie

Re: sugar sensitivity


Three things come to mind straight away. Firstly, you say you're not diabetic. But do you have hypoglycemia (sometimes called reactive hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, or unstable blood sugar)? If you're not familiar with this, an internet search on reactive hypoglycemia should give you some helpful information.

Secondly, you might have food allergies. There's lots of information out there on this subject, some of it good but much of it inaccurate. It's a fairly complex subject, so I'd recommend getting one of the many serious books on the subject - authors such as Mansfield, Mackarness, Randolph etc.

Thirdly, some fruit (but not all) is relatively low GI, but it may still be too high for people who are very carbohydrate sensitive. There are plenty of other, nutrient and fibre rich foods to eat in place of fruit if you have a low level of tolerance - such as non-starchy vegetables.

Hope this gives you some ideas to check out. Either way, it sounds like a low carb diet will benefit you, for lots of good scientific reasons. Just make sure it's low enough in carbs for your particular metabolism (just paying attention to the GI of a food isn't enough to ensure this)and be aware of the possibility of food allergies.


Re: sugar sensitivity

Hi Emma,

I think i am sugar sensitive too, I also get the dizzyness and panic attacks and have read many places i need a low carb diet. This is my 2nd day.

Re: sugar sensitivity

Hello Annie, I have a very similar situation but with all carbohydrates and it has been going on for about 4 or 5 weeks now. Prior to that I was fine.I recently stopped drinking altogether, I'm not an alcoholic, I just drank too much 3 or 4 times a week for years and decided to stop. After a few weeks not drinking I thought I'd do things in moderation and I had three pints of beer one night (my usual amount was about 5 pints on about 4 nights a week) and woke next morning to a severe depression. This subsided eventually but when I ate some pizza which I shouldn't have done (I have a gluten allergy) it came back. Now, whenever I eat even complex carbs I get a return of this awful depression and some anxiety which can last all day though sometimes it comes in waves and is varying in severity. Could it be that my insulin isn't doing what it should somehow, perhaps insulin resistance? I'm not diabetic but there is something wrong with my metabolism somewhere and perhaps yours too.

Re: sugar sensitivity

I get similar symptoms when I depart from my low carb diet. Although there are many reasons for getting such symptoms, 'dysglycemia' (the name professionals give to blood sugar/insulin imbalance)is probably top of the list of suspects.

In these circumstances, consulting a nutritional therapist who specializes in balancing the metabolism and who understands low adrenal and low thyroid issues (which don't necessarily show up in the standard tests that mainstream medicine uses) is a very good idea. Attention to nutrient deficiencies, food allergies and adrenal and thyroid deficiencies will undoubtedly be given, but the mainstay of the treatment will almost certainly be a low carb diet.