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Peter and Gordon-Hot Cold and Custard

I thought some of ya would be interested in this release by BGO,dont know about the hits of Tenessee,but the other 2 albums look pretty good:

Three US-only late 60s albums from Peter & Gordon

‘Hot Cold & Custard’ appeared on Capitol in 1968 and was the duo’s last album before disbanding

‘Woman’ was their last big hit single on both sides of the Atlantic, written by Paul McCartney under the pseudonym “Bernard Webb”

Digitally remastered and slipcased and with new notes

Track Listing

Sing And Play The Hits Of Nashville Tennessee: I've Got A Tiger By The Tail • Sweet Dreams • Before You Go • Please Help Me, I'm Falling • I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry • The Race Is On • My Heart Skips A Beat • Lonely Street • Send Me The Pillow You Dream On • I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know • Memphis

Woman: Woman • Wrong From The Start • As Long As I Have You • Let It Be Me • Green Leaves Of Summer • High Noon • I Know A Man • Brown, Black And Gold • 3.10 To Yuma • Somewhere • There’s No Living Without Your Loving

Hot Cold & Custard: I Feel Like Going Out • Freedom is a Breakfast Food • Never Ever • The Magic Story of the Park Keeper and His Fairy Godmother • Sipping Wine • Greener Days • You've Had Better Times • The Quest for the Holy Grail • She Needs Love • Uncle Hartington • 'Cos You're A Star

Re: Peter and Gordon-Hot Cold and Custard

"Custard" is great.
Like you say, US only.
Ive bin looking for a copy for agers.
Never turn up.

Re: Peter and Gordon-Hot Cold and Custard

Thanks for the heads up Stu! I've been trying to track down H,C&C for a long time as well, so the search is finally over. I'm not so keen on the Nashville album either... but for the price, I'm not going to complain.

I ordered the other Peter & Gordon set as well... six albums for £19.98? Not a bad deal. Free shipping too!

Re: Peter and Gordon-Hot Cold and Custard

It's about time Hot, Cold & Custard was reissued in some form. I've had the orignal LP for some years and it is undoubtedly the best thing P&G ever did. It still has one or two rather 'hokey' tracks on it but by and large it's great. Plus if I remember correctly, 'Feel Like Going Out' is in stereo on the LP, the 45 version is mono, though both are great. In fact I'm going to dig the LP out and play it right now!


Re: Peter and Gordon-Hot Cold and Custard

Peter & Gordon – Hot Cold & Custard – My twopence worth

Right, I just played the HC&C LP for the fist time in some years. I still really like it overall. Although I agree with a lot of Richie Unterberger’s comments on the album here :
I think he’s too harsh on the album. Although it does have a similarity to Chad & Jerremy’s Of Cabbages And Kings album, to my ears it sounds equally akin to The Young Idea’s LP (of ‘Mr Ever Lovin’ Luggage Man’ fame).

The worst track in my opinion is ‘Sipping My Wine’ on side one. It’s a horribly dated and mannered attempt at sub-Everly Brothers country and really should not be here. ‘You’ve Had Better Times’ is not far behind, though it sound more contemporary. ‘She Needs Love’ also sounds four or even five years behind the rest as a pretty much Mersey pop number. Maybe they were pandering to their traditional fans, not realising they probably had none by then!

On the plus side and leading the pack is ‘Uncle Hartington’ which as a popsike contrivance stands as proud today as then. Altogether now:

‘It’s my old Uncle Hartington, he needs us, we don’t need him,
He’s at the door, no, please don’t let him in’

Along with ‘I Feel Like Going Out’, these two have the backward recorded effects that give it its ‘slightly delic’ edge. The others are all good period pop whimsy. ‘Freedom Is A Breakfast Food’ is an E.E Cummings poem set to music. ‘The Magic Story of the Park Keeper and His Fairy Godmother’ and ‘The Quest For The Holy Grail’ are as good or slightly off-centre as any Bee Gees ditty of the same time frame (ooohh there’s a risky assertion!), ‘Never Ever’ starts as a half swirling spiral of a pop number, climbing from the underground to the overground as the second part turns into a Proclaimers fest! ‘Cos You’re A Star’ that finishes the set is the nearest thing that comes to anthemic and is a fitting end to both the album and P&G’s partnership.

Overall, it’s a nice, quirky and very English pop album of its time, though heavily tinged with forced Americanisms in places (as in ‘Sipping My Wine’ and ‘You’ve Had Better Times’), but that was their target audience after all. It certainly deserves a better retrospective reception and I would like to have seen it reissued as a stand alone CD given how much better it is than anything else they ever did. Maybe Sundazed or someone will reissue it as an LP, it deserves it.


Re: Peter and Gordon-Hot Cold and Custard

There is a McCartney track on there, yes?

Re: Peter and Gordon-Hot Cold and Custard

Not on P&G, other than the EE Cummings poem and the Russ Ballard number, they're all self-penned as far as I can see.


Re: Peter and Gordon-Hot Cold and Custard

Excuse my pedantry but 'Woman' was not P&G's last big hit on both sides of the Atlantic. Who could forget 'Lady Godiva'?! No. 6 in the US and no. 16 in the UK in September 1966... at least six months after 'Woman'.