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Open Road-Windy Daze

I've been interested in this early 70s album because of their connection with Donovan,can anyone tell me if its any good and worth buying if i can find it?This is their second album after the one they recorded with Donovan,which i have NEVER heard either,any comments to be made on that one too??Thank you.

Re: Open Road-Windy Daze

Wallace gots it on vinyl.

Good'un, Jimmeh.

(But Windy Corner band is bettah.)

Re: Open Road-Windy Daze

I like the Donovan/Open Road album. I think it's got a very cool seventies vibe and I'd recommend it.

Re: Open Road-Windy Daze

Hi Joe,got to hear a few tracks from "Windy Daze"album on you-tube,it sounds pretty good to me,sorta soft acoustic with an electric accompaniment folky sound......hard to really give a exact description,and a big surprise to me i found a copy of the cd for under a tenner,as for Donovan/Open Road album,again i heard a few tracks on you-tube and i agree it sounds a fine album,so i've made myself skint again,oredered a copy for 7 quid,released on cd by Repertoire!!Looking forward to receiving those.Thanks for the feedback guys!!

Re: Open Road-Windy Daze

I think you'll like the Donovan/Open Road, Stu...

Re: Open Road-Windy Daze

I see this excellent album has become extremely expensive on ebay and amazon, so, for your listening pleasure for research and educational purposes, here's a link to it:

This Japanese rerelease includes 2 bonus tracks - their one and only single.

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Re: Open Road-Windy Daze

I like them, and the Lanzon and Husband LP too

Open Road should have recorded a second album , titled Children of the Sun

There were more details on this site now pretty dead