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Japanese Mini LP CD titles

Just thought I'd flag a couple of titles up here that are due out 12th February

Herman’s Hermits – Blaze + 20. SHM (Special High Material disc)

Peter & Gordon – Hot, Cold & Custard + 15 SHM (Special High Material disc)

They'll be around £15 each and are high quality CD sized miniature LP reproductions in the packaging. SHM discs play on all standard CD players. The 15 bonus tracks on the P&G disc are mainly Gordon waller post P&G solo tracks I think


Re: Japanese Mini LP CD titles

I just buy Santana "Lotus", a fantastic 3 cd set 2017 reissue, one of the most beautiful set I have ever seen.

Is there a site which have a good selection, at a good price, of these Japanese treats?

Not possible to buy everything I like because it's very expensive, but some pieces deserve to be owned... if you like objects (like me).

The replica of Yessongs, with the four panels (like the 3 LP set) is fantastic.

Re: Japanese Mini LP CD titles

Hi Philippe, yes the mini LP CDs can become addictive and costly! I hope the list below helps


Japanese mini LP CDs website
You can look up many titles on this site to see what they look like, how many and what titles in a set etc.

Japanese mini LP CD sellers:
Hawaii cyber - Good seller of both new and 2nd hand Minis and box sets
CD Japan - The big primary sector seller. Also lists upcoming releases
Sushi Sashimi - Probably the seller I have bought most minis from over the years. very reliable. Has egualr re-stocks and updates so well worth keeping an eye on.
Brides of Destruction - OK site but auctions rather than offers as BIN.
Quicksilver Love - Good site of you like the more progressive side of music and have very deep pockets!
Down Beat - Another excellent seller. They offer all new mini LP CD titles including sets but not with art boxes, just the actual CDs. Fast service very reliable.
Maximum Rare. This is a good site for finding out of print titles. Again, not with art boxes but I have often found titles there I could not locate anywhere else. They are also very reliable.
eiselvis - Good site for individual CDs and also the re-sealable plastic dust covers to put the CDs in
Chinese seller of bespoke mini LP CD drawer design boxes. I have bought several from this seller and all good quality and fast service. Often mini LP CD sets are issued in Japan but without an art / Disc Union promo boxes to house them in. This seller (there are others in Thailand for instance) will often have bespoke art boxes for those.
Captain Nemo (South Korea) - A good, reliable seller both of Korean mini LP CDs and Japanese titles.
South Korean seller – mini LP CDs on South Korean labels. A good reliable seller of Korean mini LP CDs such as the Gerry Morris album or the recently issued Buckingham-Nicks LP from 1973 (pre-Fleetwood Mac) which is highly recommended (on the Korean Big Pink label).

Re: Japanese Mini LP CD titles

1 000 thanks Paul (my bankman is not happy...).

Addresses and commentaries : perfect.

I'll become homeless but with fantastic cd sets in my plastic bags.

Re: Japanese Mini LP CD titles

And what do you think of the sound quality of these products, Paul ? Because I read a thing and its opposite : great sound, bad mastering, etc.

I use only my generic CD player to listen to these CD (I have only two: Santana "Lotus" and Atoll, frog prog) and I am far from having an expert's ear.

I was looking for Magma's production but this is out of print and at crazy prices on ebay. Too bad but I don't want to mortgage my house to enrich the retailers... (bracket: I saw Magma live last Saturday: fantastic! One of the 5 best concerts I've been in my whole life , not less and I've been to dozens: end of the bracket).

Re: Japanese Mini LP CD titles

Hi Philippe,
From my own collection I think the sound quality is very good. The mastering is also largely very good. I have often noticed that the volume is not that high on the mastering but if you turn it up to get louder volume you retain clean, clear sound, no distortion or 'brickwalling'. One exception to that would be Oasis, all their albums were over-recorded I think. Usually the Japanese re-master for their own territory but sometimes, they just release titles as they are in the West. I have the complete collection of the Slade albums as minis and the sound on these is not all that good, it's ok but not up to usual Japanese mastering standards. Other than this though I don't think I have any problem with the mastering or sound. I guess it depends on what you play them on. I find Americans complain a lot about sound generally, maybe they have more sensitive equipment? I just have a Bose portable CD player (top loader). A good quality make but not Hi Fi. It gives me good playback I think on all the mini titles (I have a lot of them too).

Also, you can be assured that if you see any of the differing styles of Japanese Cd below,they all play on ordinary CD players without the need for any additional soft or hardware:

HQCD - High Quality Compact Disc. I think the difference here to a standard CD is the bit rate mastered at but I'm no expert.

SHM (super high material disc) - made form a different polymer than a standard CD which supposedly gives a enhanced signal (cleaner, more audio presence).

SACD Hybrid - Super audio CD but a hybrid which plays like a normal CD on a CD player but unlocks another layer of sound if played on an SACD player. ordinary SACDs of course need an SACD player.

Blu Spec or Blue Spec II - These use the same coding in manufacture as the Blu Ray disc. Supposedly they have a truer or clearer path for the CD laser to read and so are more stable. I am not sure about audio difference. All these discs sound great to me maybe I need a more sophisticated player to notice any real difference.

All these formats I think are specific to Japan and they don't license their use outside. So you can buy The Beatles in mono from a UK retailer and the mini LP CD sleeves will have been made in Japan but they will be on standard European made CDs. You have to buy the version actually manufactured in Japan to get the Japanese made discs.

As you know you are buying the whole package, miniature sleeves, gatefolds, inner sleeves etc with these mini LP Cds, so the pleasure is as much as visual artworks as listening pleasure. I hope you make some great finds!


Re: Japanese Mini LP CD titles

I'm drooling reading your comments guys I may look at the Santan set

Re: Japanese Mini LP CD titles

So beautiful you can die...

You can get the music for free with downloading, but I do like beautiful things...