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Reissue 45s

Does anyone know if there is a list to view anywhere of UK freakbeat/psych and U.S garage/psych 45 reissues? Also best places to contact who stock and sell them.

I know Ugly Things has the compilation lp's and cd's list but I'm interested to see if I've missed something i shouldn't have. For instance, it was the great RZ that informed me that Legay-No-one had been reissued which I didn't know about.

Re: Reissue 45s

Hi Greg,
I don't know if there's a comprehensive list. Below are the ones I have anyway. I paid £6-8.50 each. I have others around, US ones mainly, those below are largely British and all seem to be of the same ilk or manufacturer. All exact repros (or as exact as you're likely to find). I have odd others like The Score's 'Please Please Me' which was being sold separately from the box set Acme reissued it in. Cool to have it but it does alas have the 'Acme' logo on the label.


The Answers (UK) – Just A Fear / You’ve Gotta Believe Me (1966, Columbia)
The Anteeeks (UK) - Don’t Want You / Ball And Chain (Phillips 1966)
The Blue Stars (New Zealand) – Social End Product / I’m Over Here (Allied Int., 1967)
Calum Bryce (UK) – Love-Maker / I’m Glad (Conder, 1968)
The Buzz (UK) - You’re Holding Me Down / Buzz off (Columbia UK 1966).
Caleb (UK) – Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad / Woman of Distinction (Phillips 1967)
The Factory - Path Through The Forest (MGM 1967)
The Fox (UK) – Mr. Carpenter / Seek And You Find (CBS 1968)
Him & The Others (UK) - She’s Got Eyes That Tell Lies / I Mean It (Parlaphone 1966)
The Hush (UK) – Elephant Rider / Grey (Fontana, 1968)
The John Bull Breed (UK) - Can’t Chance A Break Up / I’m A Man (Polydor 1966)
Legay (UK) – No-One / The Fantastic Story Of The Steam Driven Banana (Fontana 1968)
The Mickey Finn (UK) – Garden Of My Mind / Time To Start Loving You (Direction 1967)
The Misunderstood (USA) – Children Of The Sun / I Unseen (UK Fontana 1969)
Lindsey Muir’s Untamed (UK) – Daddy Long Legs / Trust Yourself A Little Bit (Planet, 1966)
One In A Million (UK) – Fredereek Hernando / Double Sight (UK MGM 1967)
The Pandamonium (UK) – No Presents For Me / The Sun Shines From His Eyes (CBS 1967)
Paper Blitz Tissue (UK) – Boy Meets Girl / Grey (RCA 1967)
The Penny Peeps (UK) – / Little Man With A Stick / Model Village (Liberty, 1968)
Allen Pound’s Get Rich (UK) - Searching In The Wilderness / Hey You (Parlaphone 1966)
The Rebel Rousers (UK) - Should I? / As I Look (Fontana, 1968)
The Sons Of Fred (UK) – Baby What You Want Me To Do / You Told Me (Parlophone 1966)
The Southern Sound (UK) – Just The Same As You / I Don’t Wanna Go (Columbia 1966)
Tangerine Peel (UK) – Solid Gold Mountain / Light Across The River (CBS, 1968)
The Tickle (UK) – Subway (Smokey Pokey World) / Good Evening (Regal Zonophone, 1967)
Tintern Abbey (UK) – Vaccum Cleaner / Beeside (Deram 1967)
The Voice (UK) - Train To Disaster / The Truth (Mercury 1966)
The Wheels (UK) – Bad Little Woman / Roadblock (Columbia 1966)
Winston’s Fumbs (UK) - Snow White / Real Crazy Apartment (Parlaphone 1966)

Re: Reissue 45s

As alluded to above, here's a miscellanious bunch of other repro 45s I have as well:


The Cobras (USA) – I Wanna Be Your Love / Instant Heartache (Big Beat 1966)

The Hammersmith Gorillas (UK) – Shame Shame Shame / Moonshine / Eleanor Soapdodge /I Live In Style In Maida Vale (Chiswick) EP of unissued 1974 recordings #2013 New 500 only, £7 p/s

Jimi Hendrix (USA) – Somewhere / Power Of Soul (Experience Hendrix 2013, 100 only unissued versions from 1969) New £6

Legay –acetate repro 1967-69 (Circle Records 2015) High Flying Around / Minstrel Boy /You’re On My Mind / Impartial Judge. + 3 x 1” button badges + info card £11.50

The Newcastle Five EP (Sundazed) (great folk-rocking pre-'Powder' group)

The Olivers – I Saw What You Did / Beeker Street (Break-A-Way Records, 1966 / 2012)

The Pleasure Seekers - What A Way To Die (Norton)

The Tremelons - 4 Track EP (Sundazed)

The Score (UK) Please Please Me / Beg Me (Decca / Acme 1966 new £5)

Thee Midniters (USA) – Jump, Jive And Harmonize / Thee Midnite Feeling (Norton, orig Whittier, £5)

Ray Wolf & The Avengers (NZ) – Little Things That Happen / La La Lies (Mama Record 1967 (unreleased) / 2012, new £6

Pretty (USA) – Mustache In Your Face + 3 (1969). Numero 701 2 x 7” in thick gatefold sleeve with notes (new £13) THIS ONE YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO OWN - FAB 4 SIDES OF US PSYCH. TITLE TRACK COMPED ON 'WORLD OF ACID'.

Wicked Lester (USA) – You Are Doomed + 3 (1979). Numero 702 2 x 7” in thick gatefold sleeve with notes (new £13)

The Cave Dwellers (USA) – Run Around + 3 (1965). Numero 703 2 x 7” in thick gatefold sleeve with notes (new £13)

The Travel Agency (USA) Jailbait / Hard Times + insert. Break-A-Way (2015)

Spoke Label reissue 45s
The Open Mind – Magic Potion / The Dakotas – The Spider And The Fly, new £6

Tammy St John – Concerning Love / 21st Century – Hard Act To Follow, new £6

The Smoke – Dreams of Dreams / Happening Man / My Birth / I’m Yours, I’m Hers
2 x 45 set in poster sleeve, new £10

Re: Reissue 45s

Yes Paul, there was a great selection of UK reissues that came out a few years back. Others I got in that series were the other Factory,The Game, Australian Playboys, Wimple Winch & Mike Stuart Span 45s.

I'm keen to get others i missed that were reissued at the time in that series and other bits and pieces by Fire, Curiosity Shoppe, Fleur De Lys, Miller, Fairies, Spice, Mark Four, Clique, VIP's, Attack & Purple Barrier.

There's too many U.S. reissues to mention but other Australian & NZ ones worth tracking down are Chants R&B, Masters Apprentices, In-Sect, Tom Thumb & Elois.

I think I originally got mine from Heyday but don't know of any dealers or shops that may still carry them. Do you?

Re: Reissue 45s

Bought most of mine from Rollin' records on ebay:


Re: Reissue 45s

Thanks Paul.

Re: Reissue 45s

of course these are mostly bootlegs rather than repro or reissue !

Re: Reissue 45s

Anyone know if this shop/label is still going. have tried to contact them but get no reply.

Re: Reissue 45s

Mr Wisdom's Whopper
Anyone know if this shop/label is still going. have tried to contact them but get no reply.
I have a spare copy of Caleb woman of distinction/Baby you're phasing is bad. Open to offers if interested.