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Band name and album title?

All tracks don't have vocals,it's all instrumental.
Anyone know who this band is?

Re: Band name and album title?

After some deep digging in my record collection I've solved the mystery it turned out to be the rare album by Shamrock st lp released on tax scam label album world/blake records aw 14049 1977 usa pressing.

Re: Band name and album title?

Don't know anything about them. Do you have any info?

Re: Band name and album title?

Instrumental guitar with some saxophone,long tracks. The last track of the album is misspelled which is typical for tax scam label releases. Tax scam labels release music without the bands knowledge,sometimes some artists are involved in the tax scam scheme. Interesting thing about this tax scam label is that each release has a new label name but AW (Album World) is still on the album cover & label. I don't know of any other tax scam label that pulls this unique trick out.

Re: Band name and album title?

Hi , i'm new to this forum , not really sure how it works or even if this is the right way to post a message since i couldn't manage to find how to suscribe or read about specific conditions of the forum
anyway , i stumbled unto this page while looking for informations about shamrock and i would be grateful if it could be possible to reupload the dead link
best regards

Re: Band name and album title?

Hi Wadja,
Just to say welcome to the forum. You managed to get your post up just fine. There's no sign-up required and I guess the only condition is there are no formal rules!
I don't have the info from the old dead link but I had a little look around to try and find out about this LP and only came up with:

01 Gypsy

02 Shamrock

03 Knotty Pine

and a bit of info you probably already found:

If you or any other forum users know where Abe “Voco” Kesh's website is, please let us know! I know he worked in the SF Bay area with acts like Blue Cheer and was a disc jockey on radio station KSAN and was an impressive record producer. Besides Blue Cheer, Kesh produced albums by Harvey Mandel, Graham Bond, Morning Glory, Linn County, The Savage Resurrection and others.

Re: Band name and album title?

Nice research Steve.:+1: