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A Trip To Toytown

Has anyone got the above that they would like to share please as the links on the site where they are are all dead

Re: A Trip To Toytown

I'll upload this as well at some point over the weekend...

I really enjoyed making these comps - oh to be young(er) again.

Re: A Trip To Toytown

thanks mark I used to have them but lost a lot of stuff in one of our many moves are you happy if i share this superb compilation?
If you have uploaded yet let me know as i have links now[I got them today] and I will post on here for those that want them
all the credit will be in your name of course as its all your work

Re: A Trip To Toytown

Feel free Phil, but keep in mind the entire concept was Mick Capewell and Mark Frumento on the old Marmalade Sky site. I'm just the guy who schlepped it together and slapped some artwork on it...

If there's any issue with the links you found, I just uploaded it myself to Zippyshare:

Toytown disc 1.rar
Toytown disc 2.rar
Toytown disc 3.rar
Toytown disc 4.rar
Toytown disc 5.rar

Re: A Trip To Toytown

Thanks Mark i will make sure i add mick and Mark to the list

Re: A Trip To Toytown

I lost my copy of this as well. Either of you have working links?

Re: A Trip To Toytown

here's a re-up of Toytown with a heads up to the original compilers
toytown disc
toytown disc
toytown disc
toytown disc
toytown disc

Re: A Trip To Toytown

Thank you!!!

Re: A Trip To Toytown

Mark: what are some of the lesser-known ones that do not appear on other comps?

Is one set more obscure-related?

Re: A Trip To Toytown

Anyone can zippy V.A. Underground Wotsits vol 2? (I think Gian put this one together)

Re: A Trip To Toytown

Baggs The Man
Anyone can zippy V.A. Underground Wotsits vol 2? (I think Gian put this one together)
Never heard of this one!:smiley:

Re: A Trip To Toytown

V.A. "Digging Underground"

Re: A Trip To Toytown

Hi Wallace,

At the time this put together (eleven years ago... really?), I probably had about 70% of the tracks scattered about on various albums - the obvious stuff like Bowie, Idle Race, Bee Gees, Hollies, Kinks, Marmalade, Kaleidoscope, etc. and various compilations supplied a lion's share of the others. But it was that elusive 30% that took the time and effort to find.
Now however, even a good number of those are readily available from the abundance of various artist compilations that have been released over the intervening years since 2007.

Now I haven't stayed on top of all the series that have come out - I'd go broke - but I'm not sure if songs like 'Lydia' from Blue Yogurt or 'Elephant Rider' by Hush have been officially comped or not (I might even already have them on a Piccadilly Sunshine or one of the Grapefruit clamshell boxes for all I know!)

At any rate, here is the full track list... it would be interesting to find out if there ARE any rarities left on this collection...

disc 1
1. Keith West - Excerpt from a Teenage Opera 4
2. The Bee Gees - Sir Geoffrey Saved the World
3. Timon - The Bitter Thoughts of Little Jane
4. The Idle Race - I Like My Toys
5. The Syn - Flowerman
6. World of Oz - Peter's Birthday
7. Tomorrow - Auntie Mary's Dress Shop
8. The Alan Bown - Toyland
9. Turquoise - Tales of Flossie Fillett
10. Rupert's People - A Prologue to a Magic World
11. The 23rd Turnoff - Leave Me Here
12. The Hollies - Ye Olde Toffee Shoppe
13. Kaleidoscope - Mr. Small the Watch Repair Man
14. The Herd - Our Fairy Tale
15. The Kinsmen - Glass House Green, Splinter Red
16. Gerry Marsden - Gilbert Green
17. Timebox - Baked Jam Roll in Your Eye
18. The Move - (Here We Go Round) the Lemon Tree
19. Lemon Tree - William Chalker's Time Machine
20. Manfred Mann - My Name Is Jack
21. John Bromley - Melody Fayre
22. The Mindbenders - Uncle Joe, the Ice Cream Man
23. The Kinks - Tin Soldier Man
24. David Bowie - Little Bombardier

1. The Spencer Davis Group - After Tea
2. Acid Gallery - Dance 'Round the Maypole
3. Toby Twirl - Toffee Apple Sunday
4. Gilbert O'Sullivan - Mr. Moody's Garden
5. Keith West - Sam
6. Kaleidoscope - The Sky Children
7. Tomorrow - Colonel Brown
8. John Carter & Russ Alquist - Laughing Man
9. Jon Plum - Alice
10. Peter and the Wolves - Little Girl Lost and Found
11. The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - The Equestrian Statue
12. Mark Wirtz - (He's Our Dear Old) Weatherman
13. Mike d'Abo - See the Little People
14. The Bee Gees - Jumbo
15. The Kinks - Phenomenal Cat
16. The Bee Gees - Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy of Arts
17. Tony Hazzard - The Sound of the Candy Man's Trumpet
18. World of Oz - The Muffin Man
19. Billy J. Kramer - Town of Tuxley Toymaker
20. The Cortinas - Phoebe's Flower Shoppe
21. The Californians - The Cooks of Cake and Kindness
22. The Smoke - Victor Henry's Cool Book
23. Marmalade - Man in a Shop

disc 3
1. The Idle Race - The Skeleton and the Roundabout
2. Kaleidoscope - Jenny Artichoke
3. David Bowie - Uncle Arthur
4. The Bunch - Spare a Shilling
5. Eddy Howell - Easy Street
6. Dave Christie - Love and the Brass Band
7. Pete Dello & Friends - Harry the Earwig
8. The Pop Workshop - Fairyland
9. The Bunch - Looking Glass
10. Broken Toys - Broken Toys
11. Kidrock - Ice Cream Man
12. The Neat Change - I Lied to Auntie May
13. Peter Lee Stirling - Goodbye Thimble Mill Lane
14. The Beatstalkers - When I'm Five
15. Tomorrow - Three Jolly Little Dwarfs
16. Geranium Pond - Dogs in Baskets
17. John Bromley - Weather Man
18. Just William - Cherrywood Green
19. The Mirror - Gingerbread Man
20. World of Oz - Mandy Ann
21. Zion De Gallier - Geraldine
22. Mike Batt - Mr. Poem
23. A New Generation - Sadie and Her Magic Mr. Galahad
24. The Idle Race - Mrs. Ward

disc 4
1. Persimmon's Peculiar Shades - Watchmaker
2. Peter and Gordon - Uncle Hartington
3. The Neat Change - Sandman
4. Pinkerton's Assorted Colours - One Man Band
5. The Bullring - Birmingham Brass Band
6. Barnaby Rudge - Joe Organ & Co.
7. Timothy Blue - The Room at the Top of the Stairs
8. Consortium - Colour Sergeant Lillywhite
9. Crocheted Doughnut Ring - Happy Castle
10. Kenny Everett - A Little Train Number
11. Julian Starr - Mr. Jewel Went Away
12. The Smoke - Sydney Gill
13. Buggy - Harry the Keeper
14. Richard Barnes - The Princess and the Soldier
15. Dragonmilk - Mr. Nice Guy
16. Cardboard Orchestra - Zebedy Zak
17. Barry Wigley - Brother Jack
18. The Marianne - As for Marionettes
19. Marty Wilde - Zobo (1871-1892)
20. The Alan Bown Set - Little Lesley
.21. The Annie Rocket Band - A Little Smile on Christmas Morning
22. Two & a Half - Christmas Will Be 'Round Again
23. Vehicle - Mr. Organ Grinder
24. Blue Yogurt - Lydia

disc 5
1. Hammond-Hazelwood - Broken Hearts Brigade
2. Majority One - Rainbow Rockin' Chair
3. Jude - Morning Morgantown
4. The Hollies - Pegasus
5. The Pandamonium - Chocolate Buster Dan
6. Chris White - Admiral Sheer
7. Orange Bicycle - Trip on an Orange Bicycle
8. Simon Dupree & The Big Sound - Laughing Boy from Nowhere
9. Joyce's Angels - Flowers for My Friends
10. The Sweetshop - Barefoot & Tiptoe
11. Freddie and the Dreamers - I Want to Go to the Overworld
12. Jason Paul - Shine a Little Light Into My Room
13. Barnaby Rudge - Railway Jimmy
14. Vaughan Thomas - Good Old Sam
15. Neil Holland - Shepherd Boy
16. Gene Latter - Annie's Place
17. Sgt. Smiley Raggs - Smoke, Smoke
18. The Decision - Constable Jones
19. The Cuppa T - Miss Pinkerton
20. Smiley - Penelope
21. The Flower Pot Men - Piccolo Man
22. Bill Nile and His Good Time Band - Bric-a-Brac Man
23. The Laurels - Threepence a Tune
24. The Hush - Elephant Rider

Re: A Trip To Toytown

Mark,here are tracks i personally have never heard,whether that makes them rare,i don't know,i have a lot of cd comps,and the following i've never come across before:

Dave Christie-Love and the Brass Band
The Pop Workshop-Fairyland
Bullring-Birmingham Brass Band
Julian Starr-My Jewel Went Away
Buggy-Harry The Keeper
The Annie Rocket Band-A Little Smile On Christmas Morning
Joyces Angels-Flowers For My Friends
Jason Paul-Shine A Little Light On My Room
Neil Holland-Shepherd Boy
Sgt Smiley Raggs-Smoke Smoke
The Decision-Constable Jones
Bill Nile and the Good Time Band-Bric a Brac Man
The Laurels-Threepence A Tune

As i say,i don't know if they're rare,but i did have a look at many off my uk comps of 60s and early 70s pop,sike,psych etc,including The Piccadilly Sunshine 20 volumes,which this type off sound was omnipresent on those.

I don't have all the cornflake Zoo comps,and some other comps,that have been out over the years,but those listed,i've never heard or come across,though i've heard off Joyces Angels,i've never heard their music.

Maybe others who take part here,may have more information if those i've listed being on some compilation or other....i may have missed's 5 am,and i'm a bit bleery eyed,but i did go through my cd comps of UK stuff,it took a while,and a matter of fact,it has resulted in me keeping out a fair few comps i've not listened to in an age,that i shall be spinning over the coming days!!!!