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Lysergic Saviours

Particles goes Christian Rock:

Holy Fuzz pedals!! Particles presents a hallowed collection of psychedelic evangelists, hell bent on summoning the Lord and armed with the latest fuzz pedals and hallucinogenic. Let us embrace the sound of the heavens with a toxic mix of wild garage punk and prayer recorded between 1968 and 1974. This pious platter delivers 19 lysergic sermons from the depths of revelations. Let us pray… 20 page liner notes and a plethora of rare archival memorabilia
About the Artist

Track listing 1. OUR GENERATION - Praise (1972)
2. THE NEW FOLK - Love Comes Down (1968)
3. NEW DAWN - Dark Thoughts (1970)
4. SEARCH PARTY - The News Is You (1969)
5. CONCRETE RUBBER BAND - What Shall We Do? (1974)
6. THE ACCOMPANY - Beside The Still Waters (1974)
7. NEW DAWN - I See A Day (1970)
8. WHISPERS OF TRUTH - Reality (1969)
9. AZITIS - Creation, Lord I See You Cry (1971)
10. MIND GARAGE - There Was A Time (1969)
11. KOINONIA - Won t You Join Me (1970) 1
12. EDEN - Shady Day (1973)
13. MIND GARAGE - Communion (Water) (1970)
14. EARTHEN VESSEL - You Can (1971)
15. OUT OF DARKNESS - On Solid Rock (1970)
16. EXKURSIONS - It s Been Sent Down (1971)
17. THE SHEEP - Where Do We Go From Here (1973)
18. SEARCH PARTY - You And I (1969)
19. AGAPE - Rejoice (1971)


Re: Lysergic Saviours

Hi Paul (long time, no "see"),
did you buy this? I just received the vinyl version, which has 13 tracks, but it comes with the full CD inside.
However, the liner notes only cover the vinyl selections, so I was wondering if the CD booklet has liner notes for all 19 tracks? I'm particularly curious about the Koinonia song, which I can't find any info on online.
It's a great comp, by the way :ok_hand:

Re: Lysergic Saviours

Hi Bard, hope you are keeping well. No, I didn't buy it in the end. I think I felt I had quite a few of the cuts on other Christian rock comps at th time. Maybe I shuld re-visit it.


Re: Lysergic Saviours

Thanks Paul, yeah it's a good comp I think. I believe 12 of the songs are previously uncomped, which isn't too bad. The sound quality is also excellent. Please let me know if you decide to buy the CD - I'm very curious to find out who exactly Koinonia are - there are loads of bands with that name, almost all of them Christian :)

Re: Lysergic Saviours

From the booklet -

Still a complete mystery who the band Koinonia were, but their brief period of activity down under hearalded a masterpiece of organic fuzz hippie garage in the late 1960s.
Born out of the Scripture Union Of Victoria, the band (Paul Benell, Allen Baird, Graeme Johnstone, Rowan Shinkfield and Phil Stewart conjured up a gathering storm of downer, doom psych.
Recored at Fidelis studios and issued by the in-house Theos label Won't You Join Me echoes a time and place that is forever no more.

Re: Lysergic Saviours

Excellent, thank you very much Mr. Crimblecrumble! :+1: