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Action Painting Creation 2cd

Action Painting (2CD+Book)
by The Creation

Biff! A violin bow scrapes across the strings of a guitar Bang! The hiss of a an aerosol can releases paint on to canvas Pow! As the violin bow pierces the canvas. Presented here for the first time are the complete Creation studio recordings. All 42 tracks (CD version) have been remastered from the original tapes by Shel Talmy, and given fresh stereo mixes where previously unavailable. New essays by Dean Rudland and Alec Palao tell the band's story and dive into their complete studio sessions. Scores of previously unpublished photographs adorn the accompanying 80 page hard bound book. We've rounded the whole package out with four tracks by pre-Creation freakbeat quartet the Mark Four, making Action Painting the definitive collection of this legendary UK band.

1. Making Time
2. Try And Stop Me
3. Painter Man
4. Biff, Bang, Pow
5. Sylvette (Edit)
6. If I Stay Too Long
7. Nightmares
8. Life Is Just Beginning
9. Through My Eyes
10. How Does It Feel To Feel
11. Tom Tom
12. Can I Join Your Band
13. Midway Down
14. The Girls Are Naked
15. Bonie Maronie
16. Mercy Mercy Mercy
17. For All That I Am
18. Uncle Bert
19. Cool Jerk
20. I Am The Walker
21. Ostrich Man
22. Sweet Helen
23. How Does It Feel To Feel (US Version)
1. Hurt Me If You Will
2. I'm Leaving
3. Work All Day (Sleep All Night)
4. Going Down Fast
5. How Does It Feel To Feel (US Version - New Stereo Mix)
6. Biff, Bang, Pow (New Stereo Mix)
7. For All That I Am (New Stereo Mix)
8. Can I Join Your Band (New Stereo Mix)
9. Through My Eyes (New Stereo Mix)
10. Tom Tom (New Stereo Mix)
11. Midway Down (New Stereo Mix)
12. Nightmares (New Stereo Mix)
13. Life Is Just Beginning (New Stereo Mix)
14. Painter Man (New Stereo Mix)
15. If I Stay Too Long (New Stereo Mix)
16. How Does It Feel To Feel (UK Version - New Stereo Mix)
17. Cool Jerk (New Stereo Mix)
18. Hey Joe (New Stereo Mix)
19. Like A Rolling Stone (New Stereo Mix)
20. Making Time (Instrumental)
21. Sylvette (Full Length)
22. Instrumental 1
23. How Does It Feel To Feel (Instrumental)

Re: Action Painting Creation 2cd

I've got several of the Numero label CD titles in the hard back book format and they are very good. They're a US label with very specialist and music nerd type staff, just like you'd hope! The essay(s) will be in depth and the illustrations very clear and interesting. The quality of the overall product for the ones I have is robust and substantial. I've got The Creation's old 'Our Music is Red with purple flashes' CD on Demon from donkey's years ago, so I'll be upgrading with this new edition.


Re: Action Painting Creation 2cd

Love Creation! Should have been huge but spent most of their time on the continent where they were big rather than building their reputation at home.
Eddie Phillips of course was the first guitarist to use a violin bow before Jimmy Page took it to Led Zep.

I have two cds from awhile back now on the Retroactive label in Making Time-Vol 1 & Biff Bang Pow-Vol 2. Does the new 2cd have anything better or worth getting over these?

Re: Action Painting Creation 2cd

Also got the two Retroactive Records cd's & can't see much/anything thats not on them. Can't see how I can justify £17
One of my fave groups

Re: Action Painting Creation 2cd

Don't buy yet!!


Creation Theory (4CD+1DVD/Book Deluxe Edition Box set)
by The Creation


Alan McGee was such a big fan of The Creation that he named his record label after the band, and named his own band after one of their songs - Biff Bang Pow.

The Creation was formed in 1966 from beat combo The Mark Four, and was quickly signed to a production deal with Shel Talmy, The Who's producer. The first release was the urgent "Making Time", which featured guitarist Eddie Phillips playing his guitar with a violin bow, two years before Jimmy Page started doing so.

Whilst very popular in Germany, UK success largely eluded the band, and after a number of non-charting singles and line-up changes (including Ron Wood), the band broke up in 1968 without ever having released an album. Bizarrely, Boney M had a huge hit in 1979 with the band's composition "Painter Man". Phillips and lead vocalist Kenny Pickett recorded an album in 1987 that remained unreleased until 2004, and in 1995, following reunion concerts at Harlesden's Mean Fiddler, Alan McGee and Joe Foster managed to persuade the original line-up to record a new album, for release on Creation Records.

Compiled with the assistance of Eddie Phillips himself, this limited edition deluxe media book presents a chronological history of the band.

The four CDs include all eight single sides by The Mark Four (and three live reunion recordings from 1985), all of The Creation's legendary recordings for Shel Talmy, in both mono and brand new stereo mixes, the 1987 album and the Creation Records album, and some solo recordings by Eddie from 1990 and 2011.

The DVD features a lengthy new interview with Eddie, filmed in October 2016, five songs from The Creation's two live appearances on the legendary German 60s TV show "Beat Beat Beat" (from the original tapes, three songs appear on DVD for the first time), and 21 songs from the band's two reunion concerts at the Mean Fiddler in the 90s.

The book has been designed by Phil Smee and features exclusive photos and memorabilia from both his and Eddie's collections, as well as a new extensive annotation by Alan Robinson.

Disc 1
1. Rock Around The Clock
2. Slow Down
3. Try It Baby
4. Crazy Country Hop
5. Hurt Me If You Will
6. I'm Leaving
7. Work All Day (Sleep All Night)
8. Going Down Fast
9. Making Time
10. Try And Stop Me
11. Painter Man
12. Biff Bang Pow
13. Sylvette
14. If I Stay Too Long
15. Nightmares
16. Cool Jerk
17. Like A Rolling Stone
18. Can I Join Your Band
19. Hey Joe
20. Life Is Just Beginning
21. Through My Eyes
22. How Does It Feel To Feel [UK version]
23. Tom Tom
24. How Does It Feel To Feel [US version]
25. I Am The Walker
26. Ostrich Man
27. Sweet Helen

Disc: 2
1. Midway Down
2. The Girls Are Naked
3. Bony Moronie
4. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
5. For All That I Am
6. Uncle Bert
7. Making Time [instrumental]
8. Painter Man
9. Biff Bang Pow
10. Sylvette [full length]
11. If I Stay Too Long
12. Nightmares
13. Cool Jerk
14. Like A Rolling Stone
15. Can I Join Your Band
16. Hey Joe
17. Life Is Just Beginning
18. Through My Eyes
19. How Does It Feel To Feel [UK version]
20. Tom Tom
21. How Does It Feel To Feel [US version]
22. Midway Down
23. For All That I Am
24. Instrumental # 1
25. How Does It Feel To Feel [instrumental]

Disc: 3
1. Hurt Me If You Will
2. Got My Mojo Workin'
3. That's How Strong My Love Is
4. Lay The Ghost
5. Psychedelic Rose
6. Radio Beautiful
7. United
8. Doing It My Way
9. Making Time [new version]
10. Far From Paradise
11. White Knight
12. Spirit Called Love
13. The Jimi Hendrix Trilogy

Disc: 4
1. Creation
2. Power Surge
3. Someone's Gonna Bleed
4. Shock Horror
5. That's How I Found Love
6. Killing Song
7. Nobody Wants To Know
8. City Life
9. English Language
10. Free Men Live Forever
11. Ghost Division
12. O+N
13. Woodstock Daze
14. Good Times

Disc: 5
1. Eddie Phillips Interview
2. Making Time
3. I'm A Man
4. That's How Strong My Love Is
5. Try And Stop Me
6. Painter Man
7. Try And Stop Me
8. Life Is Just Beginning
9. I'm A Man
10. Nightmares
11. If I Stay Too Long
12. Batman
13. Biff Bang Pow
14. Try And Stop Me
15. Life Is Just Beginning
16. I'm A Man
17. Nightmares
18. If I Stay Too Long
19. Hey Joe
20. Making Time
21. Creation
22. Power Surge
23. Tom Tom
24. That's How Strong My Love Is
25. How Does It Feel To Feel
26. Painter Man
27. Biff Bang Pow

Re: Action Painting Creation 2cd

Thank you for the tip Paul...
I cancelled my pre-order for Action Painting and replaced it with Creation Theory on Friday.
Then, just now I got home and in the weekly update from Super Deluxe Edition there's mention of a "limited edition (500 only) Amazon exclusive version of Creation Theory (no price premium at present!) comes with a numbered signed certificate of authenticity by legendary guitarist Eddie Phillips."
Well, needless to say I cancelled Fridays pre-order and took advantage it... a lot of back and forth, but a nice deal for £37.31!

Re: Action Painting Creation 2cd

But as one of the comments on SDL about the two sets notes:

'Think they are completely separate projects with different mastering on each set: Alec Paolo takes charge on “Action Painting” and Shel Talmy on the more comprehensive ^Creation Theory”'

I for one will be getting both sets, just becuase they are so well presented. The Numero set is a hard cased book in its own ridged slip case which you can
see in Google images:


Re: Action Painting Creation 2cd

"I for one will be getting both sets, just becuase they are so well presented."

Funny I was wondering if I should get either one! I have the 1cd demon collection from 1999 (feel old now). I'm not too bothered about modern recordings or the Mark Four stuff. All(?) Beat club stuff is on Youtube methinks. I would like the signature though and I'm not one for that sort of thing. Maybe I'll try and find that classic old Edsel LP - are we getting swamped with too much music I wonder?

Re: Action Painting Creation 2cd

I have that old Demon set as well. For me anyway, it's about the package as a whole. They can be a 'mini world' in their own right if they're done well and Numero releases always are. I guess the licensing for this music became available on both sides of the pond at once which doesn't always happen so it looks like too much in one sense.These days it looks like labels, licencers ex-members of old bands and anyone else who still can, wants to tap the shrinking (?) market for physical formated music before we all disappear into a sound cloud with implanted microchips in our ears to 'think-down' the music we want to hear!

I just received the Golden Earring Complete Studio Recordings box set, 50 years of music in 29 CDs that all sits in a very compact cube like box. It's great to have a half-century career of a band that's so succinctly packaged, imagine what the weight and space of a vinyl equivallent would be! I don't think we have too much music per se, could there ever be such a thing? I do think though the identified market for physical music formats is seen as older and more likely monied enough to pay up for lavish box sets that seem to dominate the market. By the same token this is a probably smaller market, as anyone who looks at the Super Deluxe Edition blog on a regular basis will notice how quickly vinyl box sets especially, drop in price once the fan base of the artist involved has paid the top price to get the item on release day.

It may be something of a golden age at the moment in this sense, the last hurrah before physical formats are abandoned altogether. Even Paul McCartney's reissue team,commenting on complaints from fans of the new super deluxe 'Flowers In The Dirt' set that 18 additional tracks are only avalilable as downloads rather than CD noted that McCartney sees the future as streaming and downloads and that these physical reissues only make a very small profit. Hmmmm.


Re: Action Painting Creation 2cd

Hi Paul

I take your points and I can see the attraction of having everything. But this is the tracklist from the Edsel 1992 Creation LP (How does it feel to feel)-

How Does It Feel To Feel
Life Is Just Beginning
Through My Eyes
Ostrich Man
I Am The Walker
Tom Tom
The Girls Are Naked
Painter Man
Try And Stop Me
Making Time
Cool Jerk
For All That I Am
Midway Down
Can I Join Your Band

Do you really need anymore than these tracks?? The Demon CD has a lot more but sometimes if you distil an artist down to 1 album it hangs together really well. I remember I got the Love Forever Changes Cd with all the extras added on (Demos, outtakes etc.)and to be honest it only took from what is a classic album. The album format expanded what a artist could record (from a 45) but it also limited its time frame and by adding extras unintended for the original album are you not watering down the concept?

Re: Action Painting Creation 2cd

Hi Paul,
Yes, I know what you mean. I think it's a case of taking each case on its own merits. I agree with you about the Love ' Forever Changes' deluxe edition. I have that as well and like you, I still prefer just to listen to the album proper than all the studio banter and false starts, demo run throghs etc that come as extras. Though I would still like to get the hybrid SACD edition if I can ever find it in the UK for a sane price as it is likely to be the best sounding version.

I think with the two upcoming Creation sets I am certainy interested in the stereo re-mastering. The packages as a whole are better looking than the Demon CD, and so I would hope offer an overall upgrade to a relatively meagre body of work that has become so iconic. On the other hand I have Bob Dylan's 1966 live tour box set and a box of all his studio albums on CD that came out a couple of years back, oh and the 'in mono' CD box of early albums. These are all I will ever need of him. No multiple basement tapes sets or bootleg series etc for me thanks. There again, I've lost count of the number of editions of Small Faces albums I have on CD and vinyl. The Japanese SHM CD re-masters of a couple of years ago are the best ones sonically, but I still bought the recent 'Decca Years' box anyway (admittedly at half price, I wasn't going full price on something I already mostly have).

I think like many, I'm attracted to bright shiny baubles so any re-presentation of an artist I really like has an attraction, though not unreservedly. So, as to weather anyone 'needs' the Creation sets if you already have the Demon issue, might just depend on something aesthetically bannal like how averse you are to jewel cases if there's another packaging format available, or it might just be if you want a sonic upgrade. Many later CD reissues of course (I'm thinking of Bowie here especially) fans disown in favour of earlier ones, or like the Doors, issue a box set that features all their albums in both original and re-mixed versions.

All this multi edition / formatting is half the reason I don't have any more storage space, so Ill no doubt have to extensively prune the collection soon enough.


Re: Action Painting Creation 2cd

Hi Paul,

let us know how you get on with the two sets but I think I'll abstain for now. It just there seems to be sooo much stuff out there (even after years of collecting) but I suppose if it makes someone happy who am I to judge? It can work the other way too- I bought the Purple Gang Granny Takes a Trip cd and didn't much like the original LP songs but the 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks are great.

By the way just wondering has anyone ever ordered box sets from China?

Re: Action Painting Creation 2cd

Hi Paul, Yes, I will report back on the Numero Creation set in a couple of weeks.

As for Chinese box sets, that's tricky. I know the Chinese were issuing fake Led Zepplin mini LP CD box sets when those came out and they were also issuing fake Beatles in mono sets. The Zepplin set was overtly so though, e.g. the thumb wheel on led Zep 3 cover was just printed on rather than actually working wheel. So you do have to be careful.

On the other hand China is a big dumping ground for overstocks from Japanese distributors of mini LP CDs etc. They buy them up in bulk so they can re-sell cheap I have bought a lot of individual mini LP CDs from China and they are always the Japanese originals. I also just recently bought a sealed copy of the original album series 5 x cd box set of Be-Bop Deluxe albums from a Chinese seller on Discogs and it's great, it only cost £5 and I couldn't find that anywhere else below about £20+ in Europe or USA if anywhere.

It may be the box sets are perfectly legit and just cheap end of overstock copies, Ali Baba is the Amazon of China isn't it? So you'd expect that kind of deal sometimes, like the Amazon Italy offers which are always cheaper than on UK Amazon even taking into account the sinking pound against the Euro / dollar issue.

I think if I wanted the Beatles / Floyd sets enough, at the prices they are offering them for I'd take a punt on at least one of them.


Re: Action Painting Creation 2cd

A message from the main man himself: