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The Petards 6 cd box set

I cant believe this set was first issued in 1999 by Bear Family Records in Germany(of course thats where The Petards come from)I had never saw this set never mind owned the bloody thing!! untill a few days ago,i was lucky enough to come across this set by chance from Amazon at (which for this set)i thought was still expensive but less expensive than what i had ever seen in the past.It really is a beautiful package with 12inch booklet and box,with 6 cds in jubilee cases inside.I wasnt shocked when the booklet was all in German as i do remember someone mentioning that near 20 years ago!!

The music is fantastic and covers a broad range of genres(even recording an album of Creedence covers) ,but most of this is top class!!Great group!!Great sounds.Sorry if i come across like im bragging....i am just so happy and excited to have picked this up after near 20 years of wishful thinking.This is my treat of the year.

Thanks for indulging me....LOL....

Re: The Petards 6 cd box set

Hi Stuart, it was probably me, I bought this set when Bear Family originally released it maybe 12 years ago I think and wrote quite a long post about it here. Yes, I agree it is a good set, even the CCR disc. The made some great records. Pity about the booklet only being in German as there's a lot of text in there, good pictures though. Incidentally, I've just ordered the Godlen Earring complete studio recordings box set, I am expecting the book fot that to ony be in Dutch as well. Happy listening


Re: The Petards 6 cd box set

Listened to bits of their albums and especially liked burning rainbows.