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Les Fleur de Lys ?

I came across a folder with all the a's & b's of Les Fluer plus some extras..heres the list
les fleur de lys-a's & b's 1965-1969

19651107a moondreams (IM20).mp3
19651107b wait for me (IM20).mp3
19660318a circles (IM32).mp3
19660318b so come on (IM32).mp3
19661100a mud in your eye (BM52614).mp3
19661100b i ve been trying (BM52614).mp3
19670707a reflections of charles brown (Rupert's People DB8226).mp3
19670707b hold on (Rupert's People DB8226).mp3
19670900a i can see a light (BM56200).mp3
19670900b prodigal son (BM56200).mp3
19670902a tick tock (Shyster BM56202).mp3
19670902b it s a hoe down (Shyster BM56202).mp3
19671000a gimme a little sign (Tony Simon Track614012).mp3
19671000b never too much love (Tony Simon Track614012).mp3
19671011 cross cut saw (BBC session).mp3
19680200 this old heart of mine (instrumental demo).mp3
19680300 i walk the sands (album session).mp3
19680301 nothing to say (album session).mp3
19680500a gong with the luminous nose (BM56251).mp3
19680500b hammerhead (BM56251).mp3
19680501a i like what i'm trying to do (Waygood Ellis BM56729).mp3
19680600a stop crossing the bridge (ATL584193).mp3
19680600b brick by brick (ATL584193).mp3
19680800a butchers a bakers (Chocolate Frog ATL584207).mp3
19680800b i forgive you (Chocolate Frog ATL584207).mp3
19690214a you re just a liar (ATL584243).mp3
19690214b one girl city (ATL584243).mp3
Shyster - That's a Hoe Down (b-side).mp3 alias of LFDLys
Tony Simon - Gimme a little sign (bewerkt).wav
Tony Simon - Never too much love.wav

Shyster was a single done by les fleur under a different name in 1967
Tony Simon recorded 1 single on Track records in 1967 why its in this folder I haven't a clue..anyone ?
I checked discogs and some of these singles arent in their list so curious as to why they havent been listed
any ideas?

Re: Les Fleur de Lys ?

Rupert's People, Chocolate Frog, Waygood Ellis and Shyster were either Fleur De Lys under a different name, or had members of the band playing in them. They had a very changeable and confusing number of line ups. They also recorded with Sharon Tandy and John Bromley.

Re: Les Fleur de Lys ?

Do you have a link for this Phil?

Re: Les Fleur de Lys ?

anyone requires a link drop me a email please

Re: Les Fleur de Lys ?

I was particularly in the Tony Simon single ..what was he to do with Les Fleur?

Re: Les Fleur de Lys ?

Got nothing except that it was released on Track in 1967. Assuming they played on it.