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A Fleeting Glance

Never saw this uk groups self titled album from 1970 ever get a mention here,i listened to it on youtube a few times and everytime i listened i came to the conclusion that its a splendid little gem of an album it sure theres folk on here that will enjoy it,so to hear this get over to youtube,very psych in places and a real early floyd influence in parts.As far as im aware this has never been reissued on vinyl or cd.....its screaming for a label like Grapefruit to latch onto it.Anyone else heard this wee gem???

Re: A Fleeting Glance

A nice sounding album as you say needs to be released hope you well mate

Re: A Fleeting Glance


Fly To The Moon morphs into Interstellar Overdrive at about 7 minutes.

Re: A Fleeting Glance

The album was made solely to raise money for a charitable cause and a limited number were pressed, All the musicians gave their time and effort for free.

Wonder who they were?