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Stackridge 1971 S/T album

“Stackridge” is actually a mixed bag of short Beatles-esque pop tunes and longer arrangements played in some sort of symphonic/folk style. Even the short accesible tunes are well-played with rich instrumentation and good multi-vocals, blended nicely with folsky violins, tracks which even The Beatles would be proud of creating. But it is these long arrangements which make this album so special like the great “The Three Legged Table”, starting off like Phillips-era Genesis, pastoral acoustic-driven musicianship later to become a catchy brass/violin-rock heaven with perfect vocal lines. “Essence of Porphyry” is another instrumental highlight with complex instrumentation featuring violin and cello in a medieval style and excellent acoustic passages with fantastic flute work, always under a classical nature, like a cross between Genesis and Gentle Giant…or the 14-minute long “Slark”, which closes the album, a beautiful composition split between folk ballad, medieval music and symphonic rock with again some superb vocals. A real treasure.

Stackridge’s debut is more than simply a great album. Even the easy-listening side of the band contains unbelievable professionalism and unmet personality, marking this effort as one of the most significant and impressive debut’s in UK’s prog history.
- Jive-Time

Re: Stackridge 1971 S/T album

Big Stackridge fan. The most English of English bands. I'm sure a lot of people in the U.S. wouldn't have had a clue what they were singing about. The next two albums-Friendliness & The Man In The Bowler Hat are also well worth listening to. There was line up and label changes for the next album-Extravaganza but that certainly has it's moments too, particularly No-one's More ImPortant Than The Earthworm written by Gordon Haskell.

Re: Stackridge 1971 S/T album

"Earthworm" was "covered" by the infamous, grandfather of karoake , Steve Kaczorowski .

The 2 Steve Drake Band lps (Cold Sweat ...and,errr...Nature Intended) do the treatment on 4 Stackridge tracks: Jennie's...err wotsit, Happy in the Lord, Slark and Earthworm.

He would paste his voice over the singer's. Where he could not match the singer's pitch, he would slow down the track.

This is nefarious beyond exploito.