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cornflake zoo 6 & 7

Tracklist for Vols 6 & 7

1. LES MISERABLES Vivre Avec Toi 1966

2. THE JAY-JAYS Shake It Some More 1966


4. FIREBEATS INC. I Can’t Find Nobody 1966

5. THE HANGMEN Faces 1966

6. THE KING BEEZZ I Can’t Explain 1966

7. THE SKOPE From 1966

8. THE HAIGS Where To Run 1966

9. JORMAS The Loco-Motion 1966

10. JAN GROTH & HIS VOODOOS Bye Bye Babe 1966

11. LES FLEURS DE PAVOT Hippies Noues Voila 1968

12. THE BEAUTIFULS Take A Heart 1966

13. THE DETAILS What Shall I Do 1965

14. THE ZOO I Cry 1968

15. THE CLEFS I Can Only Give You Everything 1966

16. THE WALKERS All The Time 1966

17. THE POOLS Darling Corey 1965

18. THE DAIMLERS Come On Closer 1966

19. THE FRIENDS Joe McCartney 1966

20. THE MONKS Please, Please Love Me (previously unreleased ) 1967

1. THE HI-BALLS I’m A Boy 1966

2. HET She’ll Stay 1966

3. THE LORDS In The City 1966

4. THE DRIFTIN FIVE Hard-Headed Baby 1967

5. JOHNNY YOUNG Hold On 1968

6. THE SEALS Stop This War 1969

7. FUN OF IT Silly Baby 1966

8. THE MORGANS Trouble And Tea 1967

9. BEN CASH & THE CASH-TONS See Emily Play 1967

10. ATTENTION! Change Your Mind 1966

11. GENERATION 2000 All Right 1969

12. THE COUNT I Should Be Better Off Without You 1967

13. ATTENTION! I Must Go On Without You 1966

14. THE SHAKESPEARS How Does She Look 1967

15. THE OUTSIDERS Kinda Dead 1967


Six Ravens Must In The Tower Stay 1967

17. EXPIRATION And The World Will Be A Bird 1968

18. HIDE AND SEEK I Can Fly 1970

19. BLINKY SPECIAL Honey Bee 1970

20. MOTHERS LOVE You’ll Never See Me Again 1967

Re: cornflake zoo 6 & 7

I have vol 1 of this series which I think is pretty good and vol 5 which I think is fairly average. Is this going to be one of those series like others from this label that drag out a series until it becomes a bit of a barrel scraping exercise.

Any feedback on the other volumes in this series would be appreciated. I prefer a psych volume over pop so if any fit the bill they're the ones for me.

Re: cornflake zoo 6 & 7

I'm sitting this series out altogether. If they put a 10 cd card sleeved box set out at some point I may go for that but I don't need more clunky jewel cases clogging up my shelves. I've got much of what's on these on older vinyl compilations. I suspect you'll find that all volumes have pop and psych on them rather than being stylistically themed or chronologically organised.


Re: cornflake zoo 6 & 7

I stopped buying most of these type of CDs a while ago. I did buy Oliver Standing Stone (yea, I know its not a comp.) on Prog Temple recently but was a bit disapointed. When the hardcore stop buying I wonder how long the series will go on for!

Most of this stuff is previously comped, album tracks or at least listenable on Youtube etc. And if it's not any of these then theres probably a good reason why!

Re: cornflake zoo 6 & 7

Must admit I haven't bought any particles in about 2 years myself.
I haven't written them off as such and will probably pick up a couple from the recent series just to check in but not high on the priority list.