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Flight - Take A Long Look 1974 [Airborne Records – AR-1902]

Now here's a big one, a monster as they call them, for all you young prog collectors out there. I had this one some time back and had a good listen before sending it off on its relay-race way to do the rounds of the collectors, each person ripping and sharing it with a few private select friends or perhaps friendly moles, jealously guarding it like a leprechaun with a hoard of gold coins or maybe a secret passageway to the land of beer and honey. So instead I thought we might as well let everyone hear it and judge its value-- does that make any sense? Or are you more inclined to, like the squirrel that has been living in my garage all winter, amass the most astonishing stash of little nuts hidden in the insulation and rafters of my home's attic so there is enough food for centuries of generations of squirrel until their doomsday arrives in the year 3030?
- Julian,

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Re: Flight - Take A Long Look 1974 [Airborne Records – AR-1902]

Just my personal opinion of course, but I don't think U.S.bands in general could do prog as well as other places in the world. Whereas the early 70's in the UK, Europe and Aust seemed to offer up many a prog band, the U.S. bands considering their population often were more country or hard rock influenced. Exceptions in any general topic like this of course, but I feel UK was the home of prog.