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Le Beat bespoke Volume 7 CD / LP

Just out, the latest volume in the rare and obscure dance floor late 1960s series from the New Untouchables. If you're into the groovy, Austin Powers swinging London, classy rhythms of the late 60s, then you'll want this. I just ordered mine. £13 + post


Le Beat Bespoke Volume 7 (CD track listing below, LP version has a few less tracks)
1. I Know - Dan Nix & The Teen Sounds
2. Won't You Say Yes To Me, Girl - Chuck Conlon
3. Can't Tell You - The Fabulous Depressions
4. Doubtful - Frankie St John and The Penetrations
5. Situation Sad - Finnigans Wake
6. If I Didn't Love You Girl - Travis Pike's Tea Party
7. Polka Dotted Eyes - The Snaps
8. Too Late To Kiss You Now - The Cords
9. Hold Back The Sunrise - Ron Gray
10. Norwegian Skies - Bill Eucker
11. Face The New Day - The Sound Track
12. Noone Knows The Day - Paragraph Music
13. Set Your Mind Free - Obsession Of Sound
14. A Rose And A Heart - Adrian Hoes
15. Dr. Morgan's Panacea - Little Bare Big Bear
16. Time - Jocelyn Joyca/Dr Robert Remix
17. He Means So Much To Me - Marilyn Mattson
18. The Day Is Hard - The Wrench
19. Such A Good Thing - The Showmen
20. Saying Things - Mike Burnett