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Take A Mind Excursion (32 Pop Gems: From Sunshine To Soft 1966-1972)

Take A Mind Excursion (32 Pop Gems: From Sunshine To Soft 1966-1972)

Product Description
The latest release on Australia s Teensville Records explores the turned-on sounds of the late sixties pop scene. Take A Mind Excursion highlights rare and obscure recordings from artists such as Bob Dileo, Vigrass, Pebbles & Shells, Something Young and so many more! The names may be unfamiliar, but the tunes are just as good as the big-time chart hits that get overplayed to this day. The compilation features a whopping 32 tracks and includes a fully annotated booklet with track-by-track details, as well as label scans and songwriter information. Take A Mind Excursion it s just a slight diversion.

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Mind Excursion - Bob Dileo
2. Stop Paul Vigrass
3. Let s Be More Than Friends Tonight Pebbles and Shells
4. The Dawn And My Love - Sundae
5. Oh, Don't Come Crying Back To Me - Something Young
6. The Merry Go Round Is Slowing You Down The Surprise Package
7. Heard You Went Away Proctor Amusement Company
8. Show Me The World Of Wonder The Bottom Line
9. Every Groovy Day The Roman Rebellion
10. Soraya Chris Simmons
11. Get Around Downtown Girl Johnny Garrett & The Rising Signs
12. What Is Happy Baby - The Californians
13. Hold Back The Sun - The Scarecrow
14. Band In Boston - Bob Dileo
15. A New Man Paul Vigrass
16. Suzanne - The Montanas
17. When Love Begins To Look Like You The Game
18. It's Better This Way - Sundae
19. Turning Round - Wishful Thinking
20. The Girl I Wanna Bring Home The Four-Evers
21. It's A Sunny Day - Johnny Young
22. When I Was King The Bottom Line
23. Good People - Johnny Garrett & The Rising Signs
24. Dear Emily The Golden Horizon
25. You, Baby, You - Tartans Of Lavender Lane
26. Alice In Wonderland The Central Nervous System
27. Take Her Back - Gemini
28. Let s Give It A Try - Pebbles and Shells
29. Curly Paul Vigrass
30. Rahni Bob Dileo
31. Together Forever - The War Babies
32. Maybe Tomorrow - Free For All

Re: Take A Mind Excursion (32 Pop Gems: From Sunshine To Soft 1966-1972)

a pretty good compilation