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Mortimer - On Our Way Home [1968] - album release

buy here -

I'm skint.
A copy in flac or mp3 @320kbps would be much appreciated if anyone gets this.

Re: Mortimer - On Our Way Home [1968] - album release

I might catch hell for this, and If so I apologize in advance. I'd like to say to everyone, if you can afford to buy the music, please do and support these boutique labels like cherry red, it's imprints, and all the others, so they keep releasing this stuff. Having said that:

FYI, I didn't post it, nor am I affiliated with this blog, just passing it along. I await damnation.

P.S. I did buy it, and I have to say that while I like it and it's pleasant music, I'd rather have the money.

Re: Mortimer - On Our Way Home [1968] - album release

A big thank you to Kevin and Marios.
No grief here yet, Kevin, but watch out for those not old enough to remember the false claim - 'taping is killing the music industry' back in the 70's.
If they had their way we'd have to pay to bring friends over to hear our latest album!

Re: Mortimer - On Our Way Home [1968] - album release

This cd is of the second unreleased Mortimer album recorded for the Apple label,and this cd reissue was put together by Stefan Granados,whose book on the Apple Label published many years ago(longer than i care to remember)is an interesting and worthwhile read about the ups and downs and of the many performers who recorded for and had publishing deals with the label.Check it out!!As for getting this for free after someones took a lot of time and effort into getting this out...well just say you are a joiner or loads of other things,you put a lot of effort into producing something and at the end of it someone said well im sorry but i won't pay you......not nice really.This subject has been raised here many times over all these years,so i'll no bore you all with what i think.I am lucky to be in the position that i can afford to buy these things,but i have been in the position many times over the years that i couldn't.So i'll just leave it there.

Paul Martin,you mentioned in another post saying its been very quiet on here of late,yes it has,and i'm sorry i haven't been as much a contributer as i have in the past,but with my mum being very ill over the last couple of years,my time and thoughts have been exhausted dealing with that......when i get home at night from hospital i feel shattered,but i do drop in here now and then to see whats been getting spoken about,by looking at the names contributing,many old faces still taking part,which is great!!!Also some new contributers which is even greater!!!Of course Andy has went well beyond the call of duty keeping this going!!!THANK YOU Andy.Much appreciated!!Some very knowledgable folks on here,which is great,and i have learnt and been recommended many times through the years of music and other things to look out for.

Sorry its such a longwinded post,but i just want finally say thank you to everyone who still participates on here,this forum has outlasted many other fine discussion groups through the years,so long live RZ!!!