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Billy Kinsley solo recordings???

Does anyone out there have some of Billy Kinsley's solo recordings? I have "Annabella". I'm looking for it's B-Side "Blue Movies" and "You Make my Day" and any other solo singles from the early 70's

Re: Billy Kinsley solo recordings???

I cobbled this together for any of Billy K fansBILLY KINSLEY
William Ellis "Billy" Kinsley (born 28 November 1946, Anfield, Liverpool) is an English musician with The Merseybeats until 1966 (although he temporarily left the band both to form the Kinsleys) The group disbanded in January 1966 to resurface as a duo called The Merseys. They recorded The McCoys' song "Sorrow" (also covered by David Bowie on his 1973 cover album, Pin Ups) with the band before embarking on a solo career, where he recorded "Bye Bye Baby". This song is not to be confused with a Four Seasons track of a similar title, but rather a typical Merseybeat tune. Followed by the singles: "Annabella", and "You Make My Day". Kinsley also undertook session work, which most notably included working for Apple Records (alongside George Harrison on at least one song for Jackie Lomax). He also worked on the popular Top of the Pops record series, which contained anonymous cover versions of recent and current hit singles. During this time he worked with fellow musician friend, Jimmy Campbell, and formed the band Rockin' Horse. They recorded one album and toured England and Europe as the backing band for Chuck Berry.

Kinsley later formed Liverpool Express in the mid-1970s, and again experienced chart success with "You Are My Love", mentioned by Paul McCartney as one of his favourite love songs, plus "Every Man Must Have A Dream", "Dreamin", "Hold Tight", and "Smile". They toured the UK and Europe supporting Rod Stewart, released more singles, and found popularity in South America (they were the first band to play large stadiums in Brazil). They had quite a few hit singles all over South America, and three of their singles ("You Are My Love", "Dreamin'", and "Every Man Must Have A Dream") reached No. 1 in the charts. In 1978, they played at the Royal Gala Performance at the request of Prince Charles,[citation needed] at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool. The following year, after three albums and more single releases, they had no further chart success.

Kinsley formed a side band, The Cheats, with members Kenny Parry (guitar), and Brian Rawling (drums), playing pubs and clubs in and around Merseyside. In the mid-1980s, Phil Chittuck joined the band in place of Rawling, and they released the following two singles (as Liverpool Express): "So What" and "If You're Out There". Kinsley later took on more session work. Then most notably he joined (with old friend Kenny Parry) The Pete Best Band, with whom he recorded a very fine live album Live At The Adelphi (rec. 198 and on which he plays bass and sings lead vocal and is credited with "editing" (the album wasn't released till up in the 1990s) as well as working on a single ("Heaven"). In the mid-1990s, Kinsley re-joined The Merseybeats. In 1999 he once again joined The Pete Best Band and recorded a superb album Casbah Coffee Club in which he literally produced it, and also sang lead vocal, played bass, and rhythm guitar as well (once again bringing along his friend Kenny Parry to play lead guitar on some tracks). Liverpool Express recorded an album in 2003, Once Upon a Time, which followed a best of album, and a single, a tribute to the Beatles, titled "John George Ringo & Paul".

In 2009, Spencer Leigh of BBC Radio Merseyside produced a four-part radio series about Kinsley's career, entitled It's Love That Really Counts, which featured interviews with Kinsley and others, and music from his career. A book was also issued under the same title, as well as a CD featuring new recordings.

In ‘The Sounds Of Billy Kinsley’ there are various tracks by him and bands he has been in. I cobbled it together so please excuse lack of tags etc I can’t get my head round them
heres a track list

01 - The Kinsleys - Do Me A Favour.mp3
02 - Billy Kinsley - Annabella.mp3
03 - Billy Kinsley - Make My Bed.mp3
04 - Billy Kinsley-Grow Old With Me .mp3
05 - The Kirbys - 'Cos My Baby's Gone.mp3
06 - The Kirkbys Flowers are Flowering (demo).MP3
07 - The Kirkbys -Dreaming (demo) copy.MP3
08 - The Merseys - Sorrow.mp3
09 - The Merseys - - Dreaming.mp3
10 - The Kirbys - It's A Crime .mp3
11 - The Merseys - It Happens All The Time .mp3
12 - The Merseybeats - Really Mystified 2.mp3
13 - The Merseybeats - Wishin' & Hopin'.mp3
14 - Liverpool Express - . John George Ringo & Paul.mp3
15 - Liverpool Express - Chinatown.mp3
16 - Liverpool Express - hold tight.mp3
17 - Liverpool Express - you are my love.mp3
18 - Merseys - So sad about us.mp3
19 - Rockin Horse - You Say [Non-Album Mono 45 B-Side][_].mp3
20 - Rockin Horse - baby walk out with your darling man.mp3

Sounds Of Billy Kinsley[vbr].zip