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cdr comp

hi just wondered if anyone had an australian cdr comp called in the land of sheep. could anyone help. cheers

Re: cdr comp

Don't know it Dave. Do you have a track list?

Re: cdr comp

1 –La De Das* Little Girl
2 –The Sierras She's The One
3 –The Sundowners (4) Baby Jane
4 –The Seakers I've Had It
5 –The Merseymen The Girl Can't Help It
6 –The Spartans (7) One More Day
7 –Terry Dean & Nightbeats* If I Can
8 –The Byrds* Little Lover
9 –The Minutemen (3) You Told A Lie
10 –The Seakers A Long, Long Time
11 –The Rayders It's All Over Now Baby Blue
12 –Tom Thumb (2) Whatcha Gonna Do About It
13 –The Challenge (3) Now You Shake
14 –The Sounds (14) I'm Coming Home
15 –The Clevondaires* Lost Women
16 –The Simple Image The Grooviest Girl In The World
17 –The Group (15) People In The Night
18 –Ticket Then You'll Fly
19 –The Smoke (2) Something Following Me
20 –Apparition (10) Dr Roberts
21 –The Underdogs (4) Old Gray Dog
22 –Supernatural Blues Band Out In The Cold
23 –Ticket Stoned Condition
24 –The Underdogs (4) Wasting My Time
25 –Little John Band* Dead And Gone
26 –Larry's Rebels Coke Jingle

Re: cdr comp

Looks like a comp of NZ bands. He hasn't posted here for awhile but Daniel aka butterflyrobot might know something about it.
Are you still in touch with him one shed phil?

Re: cdr comp

Yes I am here still.

I am still around now and then but very distracted.

I can confidently say Its not one of mine and I have no knowledge of this one.


Re: cdr comp

I've asked around and nothing found yet