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Sons Of Fred

Anyone got the new comp of theirs and could give their opinion?

Re: Sons Of Fred

No, I keep looking at it. It's an expensive buy for a five or six song CD that amounts to 15 minutes in total. I keep wondering if there's a voluminous booklet with it to make up for it, not seen a proper 3D picture of it so far, just the front cover 'stock photo' everyone uses for their listings. The only reviewer on UK Amazon simply says:

'Had this been a licensed product off master tapes, it could have been a killer release. Great music, but be forewarned the tracks are off vinyl, unrestored vinyl.'

I've got the boot vinyl re-pop of the 45 'Baby What You Want Me To Do' which also presumably comes from an original vinyl, it sounds great though.Depends how much effort you put into the tweaking I guess.

More reasonable is the five live song CD out today by The Monks 'Hamburg 1967' at just £6.89 inc post on ebay and has unseen photos of the band. I've gone for that and I think that's what this Sons of Fred disc should have been priced at unless as I said it has some excellent packaging to make up for the paucity of songs (just needle dropped seemingly).I appreciate that that is all they actually recorded but still £11.50 - £13.50 average asking price seems a bit rich.


Re: Sons Of Fred

I had a listen to Sons Of Fred tracks they didnt perk my ears up I dont think Id purchase their album