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Fave uk 45s of '66

An amazing year, a transition period from R 'n' B/ Sould into....something else. Some amazing 45s released while Pop started to evolve into something very interesting and a new word, little understood, a little feared and acting as a catalist, began to get whispered about in the bohemian underground enclaves....psychedelic.

So what are your favourite UK non-hit 45s of that year?

Here are some of mine:

Washington DCs - Seek and Find
Voice - Train To Disaster
Mick Softly - Am I The Red One
John's Children - Smashed Blocked
Brendan Phillips - Something Happening Outside
Eyes - You're Too Much
Buzz - You're Holding Me Down
Creation - Making Time
Herbal Mixture - Machines
St Louis Union - East Side Story
St Louis Union - Behind The Door
Al Stewart - The Elf
Barry Mason - Over The Hills
Beverley - Happy New Year

Re: Fave uk 45s of '66

The Koobas- Sweet Music/Face
Gary Walker- You Don't Love Me
The Herd- So Much in Love/This Boy's Always Been True
Tony Hazzard- You'll Never Put Shackles on Me/calling You Home
Giorgio- Full Stop/Believe in Me
Chris Curtis- Aggravation/Have I Done Something Wrong
The Bunch of Fives- Girl Go Home/At the Station
The Merseys- Sorrow/Some Other Day
Peter & Gordon- Woman/Wrong from the start
Herman's Hermits- For Love/ This Door Swings Both Ways

Re: Fave uk 45s of '66

Few more...

Checkmates ‎– Every Day Is Just The Same
Katch 22 - Major Catastrophe
Misunderstood - I Can Take You To The Sun
Falling Leaves - Beggar's Parade
Lord Sutch - The Cheat

Re: Fave uk 45s of '66
[with lyrics!]

The Turtles musta got some great weed and a hit of acid for this one. P. F. Sloan's songwriting skills excel here like they never did at any other time, in my humble opinion.

No doubt, in my mind and to my ears, this is the greatest song from 1966 that I never heard at the time.
It sums up the spirit of the 60's and it's a sure thing I'll have it played at my funeral!

Hope you like it.