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7" single

If you had the choice of a 7" single with the track of your choice on each side what would the tracks be?[just a bit of fun]
mine would be
A side House Of The Rising Sun
B side Whiter Shade Of Pale

maybe boring to some but these were the tracks of my teens so never cease to bore me

Re: 7" single

I guess that's case of combining your two favourite songs of all time. Think that's too hard for me.

I do like both the Factory, Tickle, Legay and Tintern Abbey 45s the way they are. All sides are excellent.

Re: 7" single

Well, after much deliberation, I can say definitely maybe my 7" single would have Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan as side A [IMHO probably the best song ever written] and on the flip side Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix.

Ask me next week and I'd say something different.
People ask me 'What's your favourite band OR artist?' and I have to just grin like a madman.

This world is full of crazy questions!