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P F Sloan Child Of Our Times & bonus volume[25 demos] working links

I contacted the blogger/author/artist/musician/sloanologist Frank M. Young about the dead links and got sent the new page:

Please try to pass the link on so others may share it and keep them alive!

2 great HQ downloads shared there.

UPDATE Re: P F Sloan Child Of Our Times & bonus volume[25 demos] working links

Those links are still active if people still need them and I recently got 2 lovely live P F Sloan concert recordings:
p f sloan 2001 - felipop
p f sloan & duane jarvis 2007 - live in amsterdam

His musical life covered a whole range of different styles, from writing bubblegum pop songs for middle of the road commercial bands to serious socio-political songs like eve of destruction for barry mcguire to release and co-writing and producing mamas and the popas california dreaming. So no matter what your musical taste, he strove to satisfy the publics needs in music. Better still, this man also really wanted and tried to change things by making big changes to the styles of popular music. In his later years he embarked on great world tours after many decades of obscurity when his fragile mental state denied him access to performing and singing his own songs and those that he loved.
At the age of 70, on NOVEMBER 15, 2015 he died as a result of a brief encounter with pancreatic cancer. He had lasted his alotted 3 score and 10 years.
If you'd like either or both the live recordings, please ask, leaving your email address.
The usual things apply. These are shared in accordance with the globally recognised USA definitions of fair useage and are shared only for educational and evaluation purposes. I seek no profit, either financial or in kind from making these recordings available to others, nor claim any rights of ownership or copyright of said files. They are shared under the specific understanding that if you request the files, you will likewise not use them for any personal gain or profit, financial or in kind and will freely share them as you see fit to all others under the same terms and conditions by which you accepted them.
Well, that's the legal shpeel out of the way. Ask for them and enjoy the music of P F Sloan. If you want.

UPDATE Re: P F Sloan Child Of Our Times & bonus volume[25 demos] working links

thanks for the info and links Steve a superb artist