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Amber 1971 album Pearls of Amber

Heavy psyched-up sitar, grooving tabla, and vocals mildly reminiscent of Donovan.
Amber were MacLeod and Julian McAllister, both friends and contemporaries of Donovan on the early 60s St. Albans folk scene. This 10" collects the only extant studio tapes of the band, recorded in the early 70s during a period that saw the band playing regularly around London.
Band Members:
Mac Macleod (Lead Guitar, Tabla, Sitar, Percussion, Backing Vocals)
Julian McAllister (Guitar, Lead Vocals)
Ray Cooper (Tabla on Side A).
Re-released on CD 2011 by Merlins Nose Records with the permission of Amber. The booklet features bandphotos, the lyrics, scans of original 10" vinyl by Shagrat Records and new linernotes written by Mac MacLeod.

-description adapted from excerpts of reviews from geocities and by ClemofNazareth and Matti.