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pop works

hi just wondered if anybody knew of a compilation called pop works and possibly tell me how many there were and a track list if possible. cheers

Re: pop works

It was a cdr comp of songs / records written or produced by 60s wunderkid producer Mark Wirtz I think. It was compiled by Mark.... in Cherry Hill, US who used to post here often. It was one of a number of very useful Wirtz related projects he did, must be ten years or so back. I had it at the time, but long lost in various clearances and tidy ups!


Re: pop works

Yeh mark-f. did a terrific job on both those pop works collections,featuring fab stuff from the magical brain and involvement of Mark Wirtz!!Volume 2 is mainly recordings by Wirtz group The Matchmakers,there has been a legit cd released by RPM of all recordings by The Matchmakers and assorted other titles that involved them.The cd titled"Bubble Gum A Go Go"released on cd in 2014,featuring 26 tracks recorded between the years of 1969-1971.I thoroughly enjoy this cd of quaint 60s/early 70s pop with a magical feel.Most of this is very good and sounds very commercial too!!A lot of tracks stayed hidden for many years,but exhumed for this wee fine collection!!

Im sure Mark F made 3 private Wirtz cdr collections.I did have all 3,but i cant find the teenage opera one,its a cracker too from what i remember.Silly Me!!!!All 3 came with artwork and booklets with liners and very good sound mainly,very professional looking!!An absolute must for all you pop pickers into sike and late 60s pop,all 3 cdrs have to be recommended,some absolutely cracking songs all over them.I was one of the lucky ones to find myself getting all 3 from a kindly soul named Mark,i have to get searching for that Teenage Opera one,hoose will be getting well searched,its amongst my cd collection(yeh someone still loves and buys cds)but i cant find it.....gggrrrr