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A Wee question

Hello folks,sorry ive not been taking part on RZ lately,my mum passed away a few weeks ago and was ill for 4 long years, which needed my help and support !!

But here i am rambling on!!

OK i just want to say hello,ive got a wee question for you all,which song in which late 60s album do you hear a final track with bagpipes and sitar in the first 1 min 50 secs of said song,do you know the song title??I know the answer,just curious which one of you professors of psych get it.Probably not a hard question for any of

Just a wee bit trivia to gently work my way back onto RZ.Hope to visit here more!!Thanks folks!!

Re: A Wee question

Hello Stuart. Nice to have you back. Sorry to hear of your Mum's passing. I hope you and the family are coping as best as possible.

Damn you though, there's plenty of later bagpipe tracks but the only 60s ones I can think of are Sky Pilot and Jeff Beck Band's Morning Dew from the Truth album.

Re: A Wee question

Commiserations on your Mum Stuart, similar circumstances with a good friend of mine's mother just this week also, so I hope you are bearing up. The bagpipe thing I know, but van't put my finger on it annoyingly!


Re: A Wee question

Hi Stuart,
Hope all's OK with you. Sorry to hear about your Mum.
As for your trivia question, I thought of Children's Lament from Robert Hunter's debut album Tales of the Great Rum Runners. Listening to it now, the bagpipes are there but all the way through and no sitar!... and it's from 1974.
Hmmm. bagpipes and sitar - should be a rare and interesting enough combination of instruments for someone more knowledgeable than me to know about other than your good self.
I'll check it out when the song title/artist is revealed.

Re: A Wee question

welcome back Stuart really sorry to hear about Mum a few weeks back I know you were very close
my thoughts are with you fella

as for the song I havent a clue

Re: A Wee question

McGough and McGear ends with Ex Aart Student, which definitely has sitar, but not sure about bagpipes.

Re: A Wee question

So sorry to hear about your mom, Stu.
Good to see your post, but I'm stumped on the song...

Re: A Wee question

Thanks for the nice words guys,i'm ok,just taking each day as it comes at the moment,she was ill for a long time and suffered for a long time,so i'm just relieved that shes now pain free and her misery has ended!!Miss her so much though and i will for the rest of my life!!

Anyway back to the trivia,the song is"All Is One"by Eric Burdon And The Animals last track on the album"The Twain Shall Meet"in the year 1968,and of course youve got the bagpipes on another track on this album on "Sky Pilot".I love the first 2(maybe album 2 and album 3 as of course there was the "Eric is Back"album,which was only released in certain countries) Eric Burdon and the Animals albums "Winds of Change"&"The Twain Shall Meet"i lap up,I know there are some critics of those Eric Burdon and the Animals albums!!Both albums to me could only have come from the psych era of the late 60s.Good stuff!!