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Eclection BBC files FLAC format Pt 1

Got those BBC files again in .flac format this time, so I'll upload them to in 2 parts. There's 15 songs in variable quality and from a different source to the ones Gian kindly shared. Completists might like to get both lots as some songs sound different, so maybe from different sessions. Gian asked me to share the 7 files he sent me, so they'll be here too after i've done those from my folders.

For this batch, you've got:

01 eclection - if i love her.flac
02 eclection - days left behind.flac
03 eclection - time for love.flac
04 eclection - nevertheless.flac
05 eclection - charity.flac
06 eclection - both sides now.flac
07 eclection - restitution.flac
08 eclection - earth.flac


If any links don't work, let me know.
Also, if you take these files, a 'thanks, Steve' is appreciated and shows me I'm not wasting my time!

Re: Eclection BBC files FLAC format Pt 1

01 link send me to this file? ASD.PESEdit.2013.patch.3.8.By.AhmedTiger.rar

well, tried to dp this instead and it worked

Re: Eclection BBC files FLAC format Pt 1

Thanks Gian for the info on the bad link.

Message for forum lurkers who are very selfish and mildly annoying:

As it seems some people are so ungrateful they can't even say 'thanks' when they get a gift, I've decided that to avoid casting any more pearls before swine, I'll no longer give any of my links directly in the forum - strictly by personal request only from now on.

Cheers me dears,