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Toby Twirl LP

Hi all,

just wondering if anyone has heard this? Any good?

There is a CD version coming soon.

"Toby Twirl"
(Mega Dodo DODOLP27)

Brand new limited edition LP on 180gram vinyl—only 250 copies pressed.

Toby Twirl emerged from the mid 60s club scene in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the North East of England, and were originally called 'The Shades of Blue'. They were signed to Decca Records by Wayne Bickerton, and released three singles: "Back In Time", "Toffee Apple Sunday" and "Movin' In". Although critically acclaimed in later years, none of the singles charted due to lack of major radio play. The group concentrated on live work during the late 60s and early 70s and were a top draw around the North of England. The line up was Dave 'Holly' Holland (vocals), Barrie Sewell (keyboards), Stuart Somerville (bass), Nick Thorburn (guitar) and John Reed (drums). Stuart was replaced by Dave Robson after he was tragically drowned in Tynemouth and Holly was replaced by Steve Pickering.

Mega Dodo is proud to announce the release of a full-length album of unreleased recordings the band made in the late 60s. Several reels of tape were recently discovered by the band's drummer, John Reed, which have been carefully transferred to a digital medium and professionally mastered.

Factory-sealed laminated flipback sleeve with download code.

Baby What Good Is Love
Dark Time of the Year
Something In Your Eyes
Love Is Love
Baby You’re A Rich Man
Movin’ In
Born to Be Wild
When Will I Be Loved
Gonna Have A Good Time (Good Times)
American Woman

Re: Toby Twirl LP

Haven't heard it, but it shows they certainly weren't writers as there's an awful lot of covers here.

Re: Toby Twirl LP

I preordered the CD from Mega Dodo during the summer and it arrived the week before last.
All in all, a pretty basic package... jewel case with an eight page booklet, including a few band photos and a brief band history 'The Roots of Toby Twirl' by Hugh Deller. Everything is black and white (inserts and disc), except for the balloon-type font for Toby Twirl on the booklet back cover. It all looks a bit amateurish overall - although Deller's essay is a good read - but I don't think Mega Dodo had a lot to work with in the first place, so there you have it.
The CD is mono and a bit muddy at times, but the band really were pretty tight and even the multiple covers are played well. The disc includes the following bonus / extended play tracks:
Let's Spend the Night Together
Hollies Medley (Here I Go Again / Just One Look / Sorry Suzanne)
and Toffee Apple Sunday (of course!)
The LP's download code will undoubtedly be for these tracks I would think.

Re: Toby Twirl LP

Thanks lads,

just wondering Mark if you would class it as psych? or blues or whatever - just from the song titles it didn't strike me as very psychy but I haven't heard it.

Anything on Toffee Apple Sunday levels?

Re: Toby Twirl LP

I'm amazed at myself, because I love the band, but I won't be buying it after what I read about it in a review that was attempting to be kind. It just doesn't sound interesting and I can imagine it just sitting there unplayed....

Maybe if there some more Bickerton/Waddington originals amongst the covers I would be more interested.

Re: Toby Twirl LP

Yeh i got this cd a couple of weeks back,i have to be honest i was disappointed in this,i hate trashing or being critical of someones hard work,but unfortunately the music is very disappointing,too many covers and i'll be blunt i personally thought the non-covers weren't that great either!!Maybe i was expecting too much......sorry guys i can't raise much enthusiasm!!I have just received the Bodast cd this morning,not opened it up yet,i have the original RPM cd that was out in 2000,i thoroughly enjoyed that cd,can't believe that was 17 years ago.Its been rereissued this time by the Esoteric label.Both RPM and Esoteric as most of you know are 2 labels by Cherry Red,so i know i will enjoy Bodast more than Toby Twirl.

Re: Toby Twirl LP

Thanks for being honest Stuart.Y

Re: Toby Twirl LP

Thanks for all the feedback lads- guess this will join my "maybe sometime list"