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Marshmallow Skies (60s Pop Stars Flirt With Psychedelia)

Marshmallow Skies (60s Pop Stars Flirt With Psychedelia)

"Turn the time machine back fifty years for a groovy 80 minute trip: Marshmallow Skies is a turned-on look into established 60s pop artists’ forays and experiments with the psychedelic music scene. Listen as stars of sixties flirt with psych instrumentation coupled with lyrics about peace and love. It’ll blow your mind in 28 different pieces, man. Artists you know – sounds they aren’t known for."

1. Watch The Flowers Grow - The Four Seasons
2. Gemini - Del Shannon
3. Suzanne In The Mirror - Billy Fury
4. You're Just What I Was Looking For Today - The Everly Brothers
5. Marshmallow Skies - Rick Nelson
6. Fly Away - Bobby Vee
7. Girl, You're Blowing My Mind - Jan & Dean
8. 20th Century Fox - Freddy Cannon
9. Sunstroke - Chad & Jeremy
10. Green Plant - The Tokens
11. Abyssinian Secret - Cilla Black
12. I'm High Again - Bo Diddley
13. My Girl The Month of May - Dion & The Belmonts
14. Don't Tell Me It's Raining - Johnny Tillotson
15. (We'll Meet In The) Yellow Forest - Jay & The Americans
16. Animal Crackers (In Cellophane Boxes) - Gene Pitney
17. Bring The Whole Family - Gary Lewis
18. Cold Girl - Neil Sedaka
19. Strange Sensations - Bobby Vinton
20. My Love Is A Rainbow - (Little) Anthony & The Imperials
21. Say What You See - Lesley Gore
22. Candy Store Prophet - Tommy Sands
23. Come With Me - Brian Hyland
24. Born To Be A Rolling Stone - Gene Vincent
25. Moontalk - Tommy Roe
26. Stoned In The Bathroom - Chubby Checker
27. Popcorn Double Feature - The Searchers
28. Southbound Jericho Parkway - Roy Orbison

Re: Marshmallow Skies (60s Pop Stars Flirt With Psychedelia)

I just love this sort of thing,square groups and singers dipping their toes into dayglo territory,of course well known albums of Del Shannons"Charles Westover"album and The Four Seasons"Genuine Imitation Life Gazzette"instead of just dipping their toe they dived in for a whole album each!!I love both those albums and another of Del Shannons London recordings recorded with Andrew Loog Oldham and released on cd by Now Sounds with the title"Home and Away"those recordings are magnificent!!!!I can remember maybe 15 years ago that Paul Martin put a whole cd of this type of thing together,and it was very entertaining.I also read of this many many years ago in Mojo Mag where they did a nice little article on this and also in the sadly missed Sweet Floral Albion e-zine.Is this Marshmallow Skies(after a Rick Nelson track) cd a legit release??

Re: Marshmallow Skies (60s Pop Stars Flirt With Psychedelia)

Hi Stuart,

its on Teensville so I think its legit.

By the way its good to have you back

Re: Marshmallow Skies (60s Pop Stars Flirt With Psychedelia)

The Roy Orbison song (Southbound Jericho Parkway) was an excellent "discovery" for me.

Re: Marshmallow Skies (60s Pop Stars Flirt With Psychedelia)

On the B side of a fairly cheap UK London 45 too.

Re: Marshmallow Skies (60s Pop Stars Flirt With Psychedelia)

It's also on my 'Dream Weavers':smiley: CDR comp from 2004 (sorry, couldn't resist that!!). Marshmallow Skies is probably the best commercially available collection of this kind of stuff so far, it's a very enjoyable collection. Certainly better than the 2 x CD attempt on Past & Present some years ago of whichthe title eldudes me.