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Selling Stuff

Hello pop peeps.

Financial reasons and the need for space has brought me to the point where I'm selling a few of my bits n bobs...

Been listing a few Cd's on amazon and ebay and it's going well but I thought I'd chance a post on here...could cut out the time and middle man.

Have a few thousand Cd's of vintage music, mostly 60'-90's but some before an after.

Some very collectible...all re-issue labels....Sundazed...Cherry Red & co...Rhino...Ace...Kent...Goldmine...Pye...Trojan etc.

Lots of sets & deluxes...fading yellow...circus days, wooden hill etc.

All subgenres of pop, rock, folk,soul, reggae etc.

Anyone have any wish lists they would like to email me would be most welcome....I would be sure to undercut the discogs or amazon price on anything I can help you with.

Dont be is

Not been on here for a bit...been in the hospital coz of me bi-polar...all good now....hope everyone on here is doing well....I need to catch up on yer posts.


Re: Selling Stuff

Those bloody poles P-Man! Good luck mate, hope all is on the improve.