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Curtiss Maldoon - Sepheryn: The Definitive Collection CD 1999
Well, that little song reminds me of my years out in the Indian subcontinent [India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal] and my trade!
Curtiss Muldoon are Dave Curtiss and Clive Maldoon (born Clive Skinner). They first began working together in the band Bodast in 1968, with their eponymous debut album released in 1970 on Purple Records, the label started by Deep Purple. Their 2nd LP came out under the name Maldoon, as Curtiss asked that his name be removed from the project and that it be a Clive Maldoon solo album as he wasn't happy with it. It came out on the Purple label as well, this time distributed by Warner Brothers.

In 1999 a complete compilation of all known recordings, Sepheryn: The Definitive Collection was released, containing the 2 albums, the single B side and some unreleased tracks, remastered and repackaged.
You might have overlooked these guys, so I thoroughly recommend you listen to 'em.
A fantastic addition to any serious psychedelicologist's collection!

PS. Oh yeah, I think Madonna recorded the song Sepheryn as Ray of Light.

Re: Curtiss Maldoon - Sepheryn: The Definitive Collection CD 1999

I absolutely love both of their albums,but the cd from 1999 features both albums and some unreleased numbers too from Purple Records,titled"Sepheryn-Ray Of Light",which features 22 tracks in total.A real plus are the good liners and photos,a real nice package complete with fab music and words,maybe the most known and an absolutely fab"Man from Afghanistan",sets the tone and mood throughout this fine cd,i wholeheartedly recommend this cd.Cant believe its been out for 18 years.......GULP!!!!

Don't know how much this cd is selling for now,but i paid the princely sun of £8 a few years ago.Its great when someone mentions an album or cd that pricks up your mind to play it,which this post did for me,i did forget how enjoyable it is.Great to hear!!!!!

Re: Curtiss Maldoon - Sepheryn: The Definitive Collection CD 1999

I found it on Amazon for £2.24 including postage, so I'm well pleased to back up my digital folder with a physical disc - assuming i get it!
If not, here's a timeless quote from Mother Africa -
Expectation is the Mother of Disappointment.
Get it?
A quote to hold close to your heart unless you are a foolish optimist, believing your simple thoughts can make everything lovely. In which case, good luck, but i think you are an idiot!
PS. I'm a bit pissed but I'm entitled to my opinion, as are you.
Share yours please as I share mine.

Re: Curtiss Maldoon - Sepheryn: The Definitive Collection CD 1999

Hello Steve,i think that a great find for a marvellous cd.Steve can i ask who you're calling an idiot?Am i missing something here?Some people on here who i have known for many years im sure can tell you i aint no optomist,im actually the opposite of that,probably too negative....i love the music that we talk about on here and thats why i come on here,its fun!!I enjoy reading other peoples views....but im hoping ive took the wrong end of the stick concerning your comments.If i have....Gulp... thank goodness!!!!

Re: Curtiss Maldoon - Sepheryn: The Definitive Collection CD 1999

Hey Stuart. No way! I consider you a brother in music. I must be the idiot for writing something that could be so misunderstood.
Hate to think my ramblings might have been so misinterpreted.
Shut up Steve! You idiot!

Re: Curtiss Maldoon - Sepheryn: The Definitive Collection CD 1999

Hello Steve,just a wee note to say thank you,i'm usually half stoned at night and have written things on here through the years that even i could'nt understand once the haze disappears in late morning the next day!I just thought it was good of you to get in contact.Thank you!!

Did your cd ever come that was dirt cheap for a blooming fab cd like this?Good booklet too which is a thing that attracts me to buy reissues.A bit of effort has been taken with this cd,not your main label that comes with absolutely no liners and looks crap and sometimes the actual quality and sound in the mastering are very poor!!One cd that comes to mind was the collectors choice cd reissue of the magical album by Eclection,but gladly theres been a legit cd since then that has sorted that problem out and getting rid of the jangly and to me unlistenable mastering by Collectors Choice!!When i heard the most recent cd reissue,it was like a revelation,hearing this fine album in the way it should be....shame Esoteric never got hold off a few extra tracks from the BBC and other sources.I think im just being

Re: Curtiss Maldoon - Sepheryn: The Definitive Collection CD 1999

Took me a while to reply to that, but yes Stuart, it arrived, brand new and sealed in it's 'jewel case'.* Best bargain so far this year!

* why do they call a cheap plastic box a jewel case? Anyone any comments on that?