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Chimera re-release

I see Morgan BT is releasing a new CD with 11 (1) unreleased tracks...

on the first CD they were:

1 Come Into The Garden - Interlude #1
2 The Grail - Interlude #2
3 Sad Song For Winter - Interlude #3
4 Mary's Mystery
5 Lady With Bullets In Her Hair
6 Black Hat Babe
7 Song In E
8 Episode At Telegraph Hill
9 Morning Sounds
10 Peru
11 Sad Song For Winter (alternate mix)
12 Elegy To A Dead King
13 The Voyage
14 Of Reason
15 Reflection Of A Thought
16 Mr. Binns Takes A Trip
17 Gypsy Wanderer
18 Piper Song
19 Ballad Of A Lady Waiting

now 21 tracks and many titles a re different... same songs renamed or...?

1 Black Hat Babe
2 Song In E
3 Episode At Telegraph Hill
4 Morning Sounds
5 Peru
6 Come Into The Garden
7 The Grail
8 Sad Song For Winter
9 Mary’s Mystery
10 Lady With Bullets In Her Hair
11 Gypsy Wanderer
12 The Game
13 The Painting
14 Indian Summer
15 Pipers Song
16 Light
17 Green Clouds
18 I Met A Stranger
19 Silver Man
20 Colour Of Sadness
21 Beggar Man

Re: Chimera re-release

Where did you see this new edition advertised / mentioned Gian? I can't find anything by googling other the original the Wooden Hill CD or the other band called Chimera (with a picture of a lion on the front).


Re: Chimera re-release

They are the same band Paul, just check most of the titles ;)

the 19 tracks list refers to the Wooden Hill cd, the following to the new MBT cd

new release here

also on Amazon but wrong name, Chimira :)

Re: Chimera re-release

Discogs only lists the 2017 release of Holy Grail as an LP with just the 10 tracks on it from the original selftitled album.
I'm eager to hear the CD to be released.
It's not a lion on the cover. It's a chimera, the creature of Greek mythology made from bits of different animals [and/or mythological creatures] - in this case, lion, snake, goat and dragon, I think.

Human chimeras were first discovered with the advent of blood typing when it was found that some people had more than one blood type.
Some people's bodies do indeed contain two sets of DNA. A person who has more than one set of DNA is a chimera, and the condition is called chimerism. The word comes from the mythical Chimera, a creature in Greek mythology that's part lioness, part goat, and part snake. -

Thanks for the info, guys.

Re: Chimera re-release

The review in the latest issue of shindig states this new release to be from '...newly discovered master tapes..' and '...a virtual second album of full-blown May '70 recordings...' So I for one will be adding it to the Wooden Hill edition I already have as soon as the post returns to normal after Xmas.



Re: Chimera re-release

I picked it up last month and it is excellent.Sound greatly improved and the 1970 tracks are very good and full band, not acoustic demos. Liner notes rather vague and rather brief, but other than that, a great cd