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Dave Corbett & Friends “Stoned, Broke & Fed-Up” 1973

A magical album, private pressing from 1973 by Dave Corbett and his mates.

Ultra rare album recorded in 1973 originally pressed on the Deroy label in minute quantity and issued in a bizarre, oversized custom-made sleeve. Contains eleven home-grown songs featuring strong lead and backing vocals atop acoustic and electric guitars alongside piano and harp. Some songs like the head-weaving Smashed-out Carpet have a prominent eastern, tripped-out psych feel throughout whilst others straddle jug-band and folk areas. Some tracks stray into 60s Alan Price territory with the emotion-stirring title track clearly a major highlight. There is a distinct underground feel to this album which grows on the listener with every play. Recommended for heads into the likes of Synanthesia, Panama Jug Band, Astral Navigations etc………
Go get it, folks!
If you can't find it and you want it, ask me and I'll share it. Or go without.