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The Tremeloes-Master (1970)

Been reading a wee article in the new issue Shindig about The Trems"Master"1970 album.I actually have loved this album for many years like i have other stuff recorded by them.To me this is by far their most consistent,uniformed and mainly self written by the group,which really was their first album not to be littered with cover versions.Like many pop acts all through the 60s pop world.The album "Master" is a different kettle of fish to those albums that came before,a more progressive sound with some nagic fuzzed up guitar spread through this!!Good stuff

Also i wanted to mention the soundtrack to movie "May Morning",which The Tremeloes recorded,the music on this at the time unreleased album eventually got a release by Sanctuary many moons ago.This album has some fab stabs of the glorious mellotron which gives it a real 60s vibe and to my ears is a bit of an experimental affair.The Liners are good with this cd,telling the true story behind this project and how it took so long for those recordings to get a release,over 30 years or thereabouts!!!

And finally the comp "What a state i'm in"is highly recommended,as this features most if not all the bands more experimental and dare i say it psych/pop stuff,but its a delight to listen to this collection from start to finish!!!All 3 cds i have mentioned all have good liners and very good sound,all 3 have been available for many years,whether they still are i dont really know.

Just reading about this album"Master" in particular in the Shindig mag,got me to put it on....really enjoyed it and wondered what others thought of the 3 cds i have mentioned!!Not a group thats been spoken about on here for a long time,or maybe they have,as ive just started using the pc more regular after looking after my mum till the end,so im playing more music now than i have for a long time....and finding it interesting because i had lost total interest for a while,so beginning to get back into it.

Re: The Tremeloes-Master (1970)

One of my fav. YouTube videos-