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String Cheese 1971 S/T album
It always gives me a nice warm feeling to discover something 'new' from my personal golden age of music. It's so wonderful to have the means to locate and listen to so much music I never got to hear at the time it was released.
Maybe that warm feeling is partly the rum I'm drinking, but it mixes so well with nice sounds!
These people were a group based in Chicago who's only album is a West Coast sound gem that never sold well at the time [not because of a lack of excellent songs, but due to poor promotion and the sheer weight of so much good music being made at the time and the lack of means to get people to hear it]. They've been compared to It's A Beautiful Day and Jefferson Airplane by some.
It was resurrected on CD in 2008 on the Fallout label, with a bonus track added.

The band:
Bass – Louis Costantino
Drums – John Maggi
Electric Guitar, Guitar [Classical], Sitar [Electric], Celesta, Piano, Organ, Harpsichord – William Dalton
Twelve-string Guitar, Vocals, Other [Buffoon Solo] – Lawrence W. Wendelken
Violin [Electric] – Gregory Bloch
Vocals – Sally Smaller

Re: String Cheese 1971 S/T album

A very nice and accomplished album indeed, cant' believe they sort of disappeared, apart from Gregory Bloch who went on to It's a Beautiful Day and PFM