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does anyone have any info on the above 60s/70s band thanks

Re: Zoawada

Zoawada were an band formed by members of Osibisa that performed only in their native African countries as a side project to their more successful main outfit. Bootlegs of live performances have surfaced but they did not record anything in a studio that I am aware of.

Interestingly, Zoawada is a Bantu word that describes the rash commonly found around the groin when bitten by a tsetse fly.

Actually me ol' One Shed mate, I've never heard of them and can't find any info on a band of that name.

Re: Zoawada

um interesting facts whoppo I know the band performed in Peterborough in 1970 supporting Grizwelda

Re: Zoawada

:+1: Grizwelda Zoawada. Sounds like an interesting gig young Phil. Were you there?