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Wynder K Frog - Shook, Shimmy And Shake The Complete Recordsings 1966-1970 (3CD Box)

Wynder K Frog - Shook, Shimmy And Shake The Complete Recordsings 1966-1970 (3CD Box)

released c.23rd Feb 2018 @ £20


Essentially a vehicle for Hammond organ maestro Mick Weaver, late 60s British band WYNDER K. FROG specialised in funky club Soul/Jazz. Hailing from Bolton, Lancashire, but based in London for much of their career, Mick and the band made three albums for Island Records between 1966 and 1970. These have long been coveted by Mod collectors and fans of the prestigious Island label.
For the first time ever, all three LPs – Sunshine Super Frog (mono, 1966), Out Of The Frying Pan (stereo, 1968) and the US-only Into The Fire (stereo, 1970) – appear on one package, accompanied by a host of rare non-album tracks, previously unissued material, a track from a BBC radio session and two stereo mixes from the soundtrack to the 1968 film The Touchables.
SHOOK, SHIMMY & SHAKE is housed in a handsome clamshell box. Inside are miniatures of all three albums (featuring their original artwork), alongside a hefty booklet featuring extensive sleeve-notes in which Mick Weaver is heavily quoted, in which he finally tells the story of the mysterious Wynder K. Frog!
In addition to the albums, the package boasts all their relevant non-album tracks, an obscure 1966 advert flexidisc ‘Henry’s Panter’ and nine tracks from a hitherto undocumented nine-track acetate album which was probably cut in 1967 in the period between albums one and two.
Only Out Of The Frying Pan has been reissued officially on CD before! Most tracks make their debut here while others have been remastered.
Curated by the team who previously brought you definitive compendiums by The Artwoods, The Bo Street Runners, The Love Affair and many others.