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never tired of listening to song

Just a bit of fun do any of you guys/gals have a song you never tire of listening to my favourite is
over to you

Re: never tired of listening to song

i never get tired of hearing the beatles strawberry fields forever. my favourite track of all time

Re: never tired of listening to song

Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone

Other's comments from youtube -

This song is perfect

The Song That Changed Everything...

Yasmin Wrighter
Thanks Bob. You have been an inspiration. This is still my favourite song of all time.

Agustin Goodwin
The Greatest Song Of All Time Ever Made.

marty starkman
Doesn’t get any better than this.

adam kane
25 years old.....just moved to a new city....accidently pushed on this on youtube....and a man i never listened too before completely broke me down into tears....

Travis Besst
"He's not selling any alibis, as you look into the vacuum of his eyes..."

Everett Kalafatis
This is what rock and roll is supposed to sound like. You never grow old listening to this timeless music.

best song of all time

Sandra Hurst
One of the very finest rock songs ever written -- maybe even the best. I knew it the first time I heard it as a young teenager in the 1960's. It taught me. It called to me. I had to reach out on my tiptoes to grasp it, and it changed me forever. I send my deep love and gratitude to Bob Dylan, who opened and created the world for many of us.

Kylo Targaryen
No words can describe the genius of this song or the mind of the man it came out of. Bob Dylan, you are a musical god. Thank You!

Best song ever recorded. He's singing to himself and to the ones who are listening. So now tell me, how does it feel?

diane leroux
started listening to Bob Dylan in the 60's and i still think he was one of the greatest songwriters ever... when i listen to this song and positively 4rth street... makes me feel like i am young again and feeling great about it..

positively queen jane
The greatest song ever written

Andile Ngcizela
Needed this. A reminder, every once in a while, is always welcome.

Pierfrancesco Zanata
The best song of all time. Bob Dylan is a genius

Josh Hughes
Simple perfection.

My desert island disc..absolute masterpiece

Edgy Zombies
Best song of all time according to rolling stone magazine

Saul Cifuentes
Makes me cry every time, memories of when i was 16.
Like a complete unknown!

Stefania Partini
A masterpiece.

Sal Casca
Simply the best song-writing ever

Mike Bass
The greatest rock song of all time! :)

daniel crosier
I've listened to this song hundreds of times and it never gets old. Timeless !

peter colucci
this man speaks my words to this day-so i know i'm not alone!

Ah. So it's not just me then.

Re: never tired of listening to song

Find it hard to pick just one particular track, but Tin Soldier is certainly a good one.

One album that I grew up with that I can always listen to is Wishbone Ash-Argus.