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Justifiable String Beans

I've been searching for info on a sixties band called
Justifiable String Beans..but drawn a complete blank
Has anyone got any info on this band please

Re: Justifiable String Beans

Hi Phil –
I think if this band existed it ought be listed in the Teenbeat Mayhem book:

It seems to be pretty much the last word on any 60s US garage bands that recorded at least a lone single.


Re: Justifiable String Beans

C'mon me old one shed mate. You're really sitting around trying to keep us on our toes by coming up with the most obscure sounding sixties band names possible aren't you?

Know nothing about JSB but can help you with Creole String Beans(band, not recipe that is)

Re: Justifiable String Beans

They were an American band. I know they did some studio work, but not sure if anything was ever released other than perhaps on a compilation?

Re: Justifiable String Beans

Thankyou MDP for the info

Re: Justifiable String Beans

Sounds like they may have been a bunch of studio musicians then with an off the shelf name for whatever work they did hence their absence from any of the 'go to' directories and databases of 60s garage bands.


Re: Justifiable String Beans

No, they were not session musicians. They were a U.S. psych band in the late 60's. I know one of the members. He said they did some recording and "may" have been on an obscure comp somewhere.