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Psychedelic Rock Box - Box set???

Anyone got a track list for this?

Its on EU Import label- is that a boot?

Psychedelic Rock Box -Box set

Product Description
Born during the revolutionary and musically-rich '60s, Psychedelic Rock provided a platform for British and American musicians to experiment not only with hallucinogenic drugs, but also with new sounds that included elaborate studio effects, non-Western instruments -such as sitar an tabla-, disjunctive song structures and surreal and esoterically-inspired lyrics. The Psychedelic Rock Box is a 6XCD compilation that showcases the work of the genre's most prominent artists and many of the essential tracks from that era. The Fuzztones, Arthur Brown, Spencer Davis Group, The Deviants, Sun Dial and Plasticland are only a few of the performers included in this definitive collection of the genre. With fantastic artwork and remastered sound, The Psychedelic Rock Box is an fundamental addition to your rock music collection. And remember that it is not available on streaming platforms.

Re: Psychedelic Rock Box - Box set???

Hi Paul,
Can't recall where I saw it now but there is a track list out there. I think this is released on the US Cleopatra Records label who have already done a Stoner rock box and a Space Rock box. It will have classic late 60s / early 70s tracks side by side with something recorded by a new band last month under the rationale of continuing the conversation between the pat and the present forms. They have done a lot of Iggy Pop / New York Dolls collections in the past. I also have a very good 999 live set (UK punk band) on their label as well. I don't think you'll find anything you are unaware of from the original era on the set though if you're into the more contemporary psych scene, you might find some artists to explore further.


Re: Psychedelic Rock Box - Box set???

Thanks Paul,

But that's the Psych box collection that's out you are referring to ( I think). This the Psychedelic Rock Box which is released on the 2nd of March and has a lady with a butterfly on her head rather than a skull on the cover:smile:

Re: Psychedelic Rock Box - Box set???

Track list is here Paul:

Same methodology as the:relaxed: simialrly titled 'Psych box collection', lots of 80s onwards bands (e.g.Plasticland) next to 60s ones.


Re: Psychedelic Rock Box - Box set???

Thanks Paul,

I'm afraid there is little there to interest me. Strange idea to mix old and new IMHO.
Are comps reaching their logical conclusion? There has been a lot of barrel scraping ongoing for some time.

Alternatively I'm listening to Ace's new comp of Spanish female singers- Beat Girls Español! 1960s She-Pop From Spain. Hasn't grabbed me like the French and Italian ones, but I'd still rate it above the Swedish and Japanese comps.