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sandy coast subject of my thoughts (9 CD)

sandy coast
subject of my thoughts (9 CD)

Format: CD
Label: Universal/Polydor
Genre: Psychedelic, Progressive
This 9 CD boxset contains:

the six original albums by Sandy Coast
the Hans Vermeulen album 'I Only Know My Name'
the two albums of Rainbow Train and The Train (both on one disc)
a ninth cd with `selected rarities', i.e. non-album singles and b-sides of Sandy Coast plus a number of Hans Vermeulen singles and b-sides and collaborations with Anita Meyer and Ruth Jacott.
Hans Vermeulen was the driving force behind Sandy Coast and Rainbow Train (later The Train). He also had a successful career as a solo artist, songwriter and producer.

Cd1: Sandy Coast - And Their Name Is... (1968)

Subjects Of My Thoughts
I'm A Fool
Sing Before Breakfast
That Girl Was Mine
I Lost A Dream
Sorry She's Mine
Milk And Tranquilizer
Make Me Belong To You
A Girl Like You
Comin' Home
I'm Working My Way Back To You Babe
We'll Meet Again

Cd2: Sandy Coast - From The Workshop (1968)

Capital Punishment (death By Hanging)
Turning Round The Pedals Of Our Tandem Which Is Made Fo
My Friend Abdullah
My Empty World
From The Workshop
Letter From The One I Love
Nights Of The Jungle Community
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Innocent Girl

Cd3: Sandy Coast - Shipwreck (1969)

Hope And Despair
The End
I May Happily Forget
North Canadian Paradise
Blue Blackman's Blues
Re Re Le Loup

Cd4: Sandy Coast - Sandy Coast (1971)

Just A Friend
Side Step
Take Off
True Love That's A Wonder
You Gotta Do It Better
Yes It Must Be Spring

Cd5: Sandy Coast - Stone Wall (1973)

Blackboard Jungle Lady
That'll Be The Day
Don't Get Me Wrong
I'm The Believer
Stone Wall

Cd6: Sandy Coast - Terreno (1981)

Capital Punishment
It's My Time Now
My Favourite Tune
Rainy Days
Yosemite Park
The Eyes Of Jenny

Cd7: Hans Vermeulen - I Only Know My Name (1976)

I Only Know My Name
Hang On
I Will
All That I Can Give Is Love
I Couldn't Stay Away From You
Should I Be Lonely
I'm Trying To Survive The Way I Try On The Age Of 75

Cd8: Rainbow Train (1978) / The Train -Gentlemen Street (1979)

Another Band
Let It Happen Let It Be
Good Morning Bad Day
Heaven On Earth
Here's To The Business
Kiss Me Goodnight
Find Out
No Name
When Your Woman Goes
When The Bibble's Right
Don't Ever Fancy The Singer Of A Rock'n Roll Band
This Old Man Of Mine
Gentlemen Street
Going Strong

Cd9: Selected Rarities

Being In Love
I Want You For My Own
And Her Name Is. . . Amy
Anyway You Want Me
I See Your Face Again
Goodbye, Don't Cry
Pretty Clothes
The Way I Feel About You
Deep Down Down
Back To The City
Eleanor Rigby
In My Opinion
Just Two Little Creatures
What Kind Of Freedom
The Place Near The Sea
Blackboard Jungle Lady (1988 Version)
In The Land Of Nowhere
(mr. ) Es
The Alternative Way
You Are My Everything
Teygo Makandra

Re: sandy coast subject of my thoughts (9 CD)

Thanks for the prompt Paul. I have the Golden Earrings and Shocking Blue sets in this ongoing Dutch multi-disc series. I skipped the Focus set and Sandy Coast may do the same. Everything up to and including the Stonewall album I very much like. The rarities disc will probably be good too. They were great at Nederbeat jingle jangle and later prog psych. I really don't like Terreno or the Hans Vermuelen albums though, not heard the other side projects so should probably check them. These are good value sets if you want the whole career of a Dutch band in a box in great sound quality.