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Comus - First Utterence remastered CD

This on Burning Airlines mail out:

First Utterance (cd pre-order)

A 2018 remastered and expanded version of the truly astonishing 1971 debut from Comus.

Dark Psychedelia, Perverse Prog, Warped Folk??? Regardless of what it is or isn't, First Utterance has developed a significant cult following since its release and is famously beloved of Mikael Akerfeldt (who named Opeth’s 1998 album My Arms, Your Hearse after lyrics from the Comus song Drip, Drip).

Includes four bonus tracks.

The booklet contains the original album artwork and an essay by Malcolm Dome and interviews with band members.

Pre-order for 25th May release.

Re: Comus - First Utterence remastered CD

I wanted to post Comus' first album a while back but thought it would be misunderstood and I'd just be condemned by too many people visiting this site. It's an incredibly strange and unusual album. It's controversial lyrical matter is actually based on the 17th centuary poem by John Milton with the abbreviated title 'Comus (A Masque Presented at Ludlow Castle, 1634)' which has been known to have very distressing effects on some who listen to it. [the album, not the poem!].

Deserving of special mention here are Roger Wootton, creative genius, for his musical dexterity and vocal wizardry and Bobbie Watson, for her vocal and percussive contributions and stunning enduring beauty.

I see it contains the 4 bonus songs: All The Colours Of Darkness, Diana (Single Version), In The Lost Queen's Eyes and Winter Is A Coloured Bird. So there's nothing new on the 2018 rerelease except the booklet and remastering, which I hope lives up to expectations.

Well worth a mention here is the third studio album by the band, the follow up to First Utterance, released in 2012; 'Out of the Coma' which includes the only known and possibly incomplete recording [live] of the composition 'The Malgaard Suite' which was the concert material the band played on tour after the exhaustive gigs performing the songs of First Utterance.

There's a very forgettable 2nd album, 'To Keep From Crying' and 2 good live albums post their reformation - East Of Sweden - Live At The Melloboat Festival 2008 and Live In Japan 2012 for completists and lovers of live music recordings.

Much more detailed info at the official web site

Re: Comus - First Utterence remastered CD

Wootton's artwork on Fist Utterance and Out of The Coma are as unique and somewhat disturbing as the music.

Re: Comus - First Utterence remastered CD

I have a poster from July 1970 advertising Comus performing at a festival in Peterborough its just a shame the poster has no artwork it would be worth a bob or two lol

Re: Comus - First Utterence remastered CD

Wootton also designed the HORSE (rca) cover, and their second album is not comparable of course, but still has a few good moments