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vinyl mono/stereo

I'd be interested on your views on the difference between a mono album and the same album in stereo on vinyl also does the vinyl weight have any bearing on sound quality

Re: vinyl mono/stereo

Vinyl: Please see my thread 'Standard vinyl vs Audiophile/Weighted vinyl - What's the difference?' and follow the link there for a very good discussion on the subject.

Mono v Stereo:
The only critisism I have of the above web article is at the end, the author says 'Mono is not used in 8-track tape and audio CDs.' Dunno about 8-track, but I'm sure there are audio CDs in mono!

Re: vinyl mono/stereo

Thanks Steve i reckon most on here are still in hibernation like a bunch of olde tortoises :innocent:

Re: vinyl mono/stereo

Sorry, still coming to grips with Russian surf music!:upside_down_face:

Re: vinyl mono/stereo

Forgot to say that despite how amazing your vinyl, it'll only sound as good as your stereo is.
Also, to add to the complexity of things, I read today there's a new HD vinyl to be marketed:
I remember reading as well as higher quality sound, the technology also means CHEAPER PRODUCTION COSTS! - but, I'll bet, higher prices to the punters.

Re: vinyl mono/stereo

I would always go for mono pre-1968 and stereo 1968 and beyond. By 1968 stereo mixes were given more attention and regarded as more than an afterthought. Earlier stereo mixes were often ham-fisted, with instruments/vocals separated into channels and the 'novelty' element of stereo emphasised. There are several '67/'68 UK psych LPs where the stereo and mono mixes are significantly different, but by 1969, mono mixes tended to just be 'fold-downs' of the stereo mix.

Notably different mono/stereo mixes feature of Blossom Toes first, Piper, Pepper, Tomorrow, SF Sorrow, Family Doll's House and probably others that escape me at the moment.

Re: vinyl mono/stereo

I agree PP though there are exceptions like the Tomorrow album from 68. I think the mono version of that sounds much better than the stereo. Though I guess that was reecorded in 67 and the stereo version was ballsed up anyway.

I have quite a few 45s on Fontana and Philips which were released as mono mixes as late as 1972. I wonder if the recordings themselves were several years older, I have long suspected it.