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Tea With Auntie 2 x CD

This below Spin's latest offers - anyone know anything about it?


Tea With Auntie (Artyfacts From The British Underground 1966 - 1970) Volume One (Ltd 2CD)

Very limited, 500 only.

Pre-order essential.

A new series of releases chronicling the most explosive and experimental period in British popular music.

Volume One features unreleased live in the studio BBC sessions from Ten Years After, Cream Traffic, Donovan, John Dummer, Ansley Dunbar, Brian Auger, Dave Kelly & Mike Cooper.

Second trip to follow soon...

Re: Tea With Auntie 2 x CD

Thanks Paul- looks interesting,

Disc 1.

John Dummer Blues Band - Broadcast 11th August 1968

1.40 Days And 40 Nights

2.Travelling Man

3.Standing Round Cryin'

4.After Hours


John Dummer (Drums)

Dave Kelly (Slide Guitar, Vocals)

T.S. Mcphee (Guitar, Vocals)

John O'leary (Harmonica)

Iain Thompson (Bass)

Traffic - Broadcast 1st October 1967

5.Smiling Phases

6.A House For Everyone

7.Hole In My Shoe

8.Coloured Rain

9.Paper Sun


Steve Winwood (Organ, Vocals)

Dave Mason (Guitar, Vocals)

Jim Capaldi (Drums, Vocals)

Chris Wood (Saxophone, Flute, Vocals)

Ten Years After - Broadcast 10th December 1967

10.Love Until I Die

11.Don't Want You Woman

12.Sometime I Feel Like Going Home

13.Loosin' The Dogs


Alvin Lee (Guitar, Vocals)

Leo Lyons (Bass)

Ric Lee (Drums)

Chick Churchill (Organ)

Donovan - Broadcast 21st January 1968

14.There Is A Mountain

15.As I Recall It


17.Sleepy Hollow

18.Young Girl Blues

Donovan (Guitar, Vocals)

The John Cameron Group

Disc 2.

The Ansley Dunbar Retaliation - Broadcast 25th February 1968, BBC, London

1. Cobwebs

2. Memory Of Pain


John Moorshead - electric guitar

Victor Brox - organ, vocals

Alex Dmochowski - electric bass

Aynsley Dunbar - drums

Brian Auger & the Trinity - Broadcast 7th October 1968

3. Old Jim Crow

4. I'm Not Talking

5. Road To Cairo

6. Lonesome Hobo

Mike Cooper - Broadcast 7th August 1968

7. Maggie Campbell

8. Leadhearted Blues

Dave Kelly - Broadcast 13th September 1968

9. ...Few Short Lines

10.Arkansas Woman

11.When You've Got A Good Friend


13.Hard Times

14.Traveling Blues

Cream - Broadcast dates 1966-1968

15. Sleepy Time Time

16. I'm So Glad

17. Traintime


19.Tales of Brave Ulysses

20.Take it Back

21.Blue Condition


Jack Bruce (bass, vocals)

Eric Clapton (guitar, vocals)

Ginger Baker (drums, vocals)

Re: Tea With Auntie 2 x CD

I wonder how much this is.

Re: Tea With Auntie 2 x CD


Re: Tea With Auntie 2 x CD

Hi Paul. Is this with spin records. People earlier in the week said spin were rather unreliable.

Re: Tea With Auntie 2 x CD

Ya with Spin, don't think it's on Amazon yet! Wonder what label is it?

Re: Tea With Auntie 2 x CD

Thanks for the track lists Paul. Not my cup of tea really but good such material is geting out.