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Frightened rabbit

Very sad
Police searching for missing Frightened Rabbit singer Scott Hutchison have found the body of a man. Seems he comitted suicide

Re: Frightened rabbit

Yes. I never knew of him or his band until I read about it in the press today [the I newspaper] and sure. It's sad for his family and friends and those who didn't understand nor know him. They find it impossible to rationalise his suicide. If you never knew him personally, your sadness is mostly a result of losing someone you relate to, and/or emotional confusion, a bit like the mass hysteria following the murder of Diana Spencer.
Listening to the band's music for the first time tonight, I can get just a little insight into Scott's mind and what led him to take his own life.
Good for him for taking control of his life and death! It's very tragic for those remaining alive and close to him who cannot see the logic of his brave choice to end his life. Who's life was it anyway? Please think about it as that's a dumb arse question. Jimi Hendrix said:

I think Scott knew that and lived it and died by it. Big respect.

Rest in Peace dear brother Scott. Our life paths never crossed, but in your death I found your works.

I'm really getting off on Frightened Rabbit's music.

Love & Peace everybody and remember it's your life and you do what you want.
If I don't meet you no more in this world, then I'll meet you in the next one. And don't be late. Don't be late!

Re: Frightened rabbit

I don't see suicide as a choice so much as an absense of choice and pure despair because of that. Ultimately it is a selfish act not a brave one, as you leave many behind who will innevitably have an overwhelming feeling of guilt and have to live with that. Isn't it braver to live with your demons however unbearable than inflict that on the people that care about you?